Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Kidnapping of Justin Timberlake Pt.1

So now you get the picture of what we were all like. We never had problems getting dates or anything, just getting that one impossible date with Justin Timberlake.

To be honest I never liked Justin's music much, but his curly hair and gorgeous smile always gave me a funny feeling between my legs. It was so awful, I was so obsessed with Mr. Timberlake.

That Friday night,we stood outside for about an hour waiting to get in. We were mostly surrounded by little thirteen year old squealing little girls who probably had the same fantasies we did about Justin but who were too young to come up with a kidnapping scheme like we did.

The concert lasted almost about two hours. Mr. Timberlakes performance was so sexy. I couldn't sing along to his songs of course because I never paid much attention to the lyrics. I just stared at him as he wore these sexy ass leather pants and white top slightly unbuttoned. I loved the way his sweet innocent looking face looked that night. I had to get his man in my house or I was going to lose my mind! Luckily that weekend my parents were going to be in Hawaii and I'd have the house to myself! It was just too perfect.

After the concert as we were walking out I saw a guy we'd gone to highschool with named Tony. He was working as a roadie. I just had to ask him where Mr. Timberlake would be staying at. Luckily thanks to Tony, we discovered he'd be staying at a luxurious hotel downtown.

The three of us quickly got into my car and we drove to the hotel anxiously waiting to get a closer glimpse of Mr. Timberlake. In a way it felt like such a rush to be able to maybe kidnap such a babe, but then in other ways it felt a bit childish. I mean here we were three 21 year olds chasing a teen heartthrob.

We arrived at the hotel around midnight. We could see limos, fancy cars and of course the tour bus parked. We knew Justin was there. Now the plan was to know what room he was in and kidnap him! I opened the glove compartment and pulled out my gun. It was actually my fathers gun but he had no idea I'd "borrowed" it. We all walked in nervously pretending to check into a room. We came across a cute bellboy who had to be no older than eighteen. His shaggy blonde hair almost covered his eyes. I decided to let Christina take over this one.

"Now remember, go over and offer him anything." I ordered to Christina.

"Ok I got ya, so blowjob, fuck, or whatever right? Ah but no anal!" She hissed.

I nodded and Priscilla just laughed.

I watched Christina walk over to the cute bell boy. I could see her flirting with him like crazy. I began to discuss my further plans with Prissy and all of a sudden Christina was gone. I'm sure she was doing everything she could to get Mr. Timberlakes room number.

It was almost an hour until Christina got back. She looked refreshed, not tired at all. She quickly walked back to us with her long blonde hair just bouncing behind her. I just kept hoping that she'd managed to get the room number.

"Ah, well that was some nice tasting cum." She said as she approached us.

"You actually went down on him?" Asked Priscilla shockingly.

"Yes! Tell me that he gave you the room number" I asked impatiently.

Christina just gave me that look. The look of accomplishment! I gave her a huge hug and we decided to take the elevator to Justin's room. He was staying way at the top, in the penthouse. We finally got up there and my heart was just pounding away! My knees felt weak and my mouth was dry. I had no idea what I'd say to Mr. Timberlake. I handed the gun to Priscilla and took a deep breath.

"Ok, I'm gonna knock on the door and you two stay back there. I'll give you the signal to come closer when the time is right." I told my friends as I got closer to the door.

Christina and Priscilla stood a few feet away and gave me a thumbs up. I knocked nervously on the door and was expecting to have a body guard or someone else open the door. I was in total shock when Justin Timberlake opened the door! He was wearing nothing but his cute flannel boxer shorts and a white T-shirt! I was speechless for a moment.

He began to give me that gorgeous smile I had been drooling about all these years. "Yes? Can I help you?" He asked in a sincere tone. I felt so dumb just standing there not saying a word. "Are you ok?" He asked trying to get at least one word out of me.

"I-I-I'm one of your biggest fans." I stammered.

He raised his eyebrows and shook his head in disbelief. "you know I get tons of girls who say that to me. Now what makes you so special baby?" He asked in a cocky tone. I couldn't believe my ears! What a jerk! After I had made the sacrifice and made one of my best friends sacrifice to get his stupid room number, this guy was being a dick to me. At that moment, I no longer felt flushed or shy. I quickly gave my best friends the signal to come help me.

His eyes widened as he saw my two best friends standing there behind me. His eyes quickly moved towards Priscilla who held the gun at him. I narrowed my eyes to him. "Ok Mr. Timberlake it's time for you go with us."

Christina grabbed his arm and pulled him out the room. Justin stumbled on to the floor. He looked up at us in anger. "You bitches aren't gonna get away with this!" We all laughed in unison. What a stupid guy to be talking to us like that.

"Prissy here, give me the gun and go in the room to get him some pants. We'll have to walk him out and he's gotta look a little decent." I said pointing the gun to Justin.

Justin just looked so shocked and mortified. He stood there in his boxers and T-shirt looking a bit stoned.

"Hey Christy, go check if Justin has any more weed in that room. We're kidnapping him so we're gonna celebrate with a bang!" I said excitedly.

Christina went in the room as well and I just stood out there holding the gun to Justin. I felt so wicked and so powerful at that moment. He couldn't take his hateful eyes off of me. I was loving every minute of it!

A few minutes later Priscilla came out holding a pair of blue jeans, white socks and a pair of black doc marten boots. I quickly ordered Justin to move towards the room and to get dressed quickly. We didn't have much more time before maybe someone he knew would discover he wasn't there.

He nervously stumbled as he got dressed. His hands were shaking a bit the whole time. Christina then came out with a big bag of weed. She gave me an evil smile and waved the bag in my face.

"Ha! I knew he had to have some good stuff. This smells like that really expensive stuff Jessy." Christina said as she smelled the weed.

I couldn't believe it. Justin looked so innocent and sweet but deep down he was wild. I never imagined him smoking weed. He probably did cocaine and acid and God knows what other drugs.

Finally Justin was all dressed. "Ok now move it. Don't make a worked cuz I'll shoot your brains out." I commanded as he slowly moved towards the door.

We closed his room door and we moved on to the elevator. I Kept my gun to his back as he stood in front of me. He was a lot taller than me and he smelled really nice. His cologne smell filled all inside the elevator. I kept watching nervously as we began to get to the lobby. I kept wishing Mr. Timberlake would make no sudden moves. I don't think I would have the heart to shoot him.

We got to the lobby and we all quickly tried to pass the lobby clerk. "Good night Mr. timberlake." Called out the clerk as Justin passed by with all three of us surrounding him. Justin just waved at him and kept his gaze forward. The clerk probably thought Justin was taking us out for the night. Little did he know we were taking him out!
We managed to get Justin all the way into the parking lot and into my car. Priscilla and Christina sat in the back with Justin. Christina was the was holding the gun and Priscilla went ahead and tied Mr. Timberlakes hands with some rope.
I drove home nervously thinking how I was going to keep Justin in my house without anyone finding out. I didn't know exactly what I wanted from Justin besides sex. I didn't care for having his money. I didn't want to become famous for this either. I just wanted him. His cock between my legs.
We got to my house a little past 2:00 a.m. that morning. We walked Mr. timberlake up to my bedroom and I went downstairs to get some more rope to tie him down. I couldn't find any rope so I just snuck out some of my mom's silk scarfs.

I went back upstairs to find Christina with her hands all over Justin! I felt furious but I knew I had to calm down. christina was one of my best friends and I had to accept the fact that we'd be sharing Mr. Timberlake this weekend.

I cleared my throat and Christina just jumped up startled. "I see your having a good time already." I said to Christina.

"Well, what do you expect? He's hot!"

Prissy just stood there holding the gun and smiling. I walked closer to Justin and ordered him to take off his shirt. He slowly peeled off his t-shirt showing me his sexy body. He still had that look of an innocent teenage boy.

"Mmmm," was all I could say. I looked him up and down. His face was turning a bit of a red color. Priscilla then ordered him to take off his shoes and socks. He looked at her and then at me with vengeful eyes. He sat on the bed taking off his shoes and socks. I knew that soon his pants would need to come off as well and I couldn't wait!

"Ok sweetheart, now take off them pants but leave your boxers on." I heard Christina comand.

Justin sighed in frustration. "Come on now! This is humiliating enough. Please just tell me how much money you want from me."

I just rolled my eyes at him. "We don't want your money. What do you think we are just some money hungry ho's?"

Christina laughed and responded, "No We are just ho's!"

I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at her comment. Mr. Timberlake didn't understand that we wanted him for sex that's all. I couldn't wait to see what his cock looked like. I kept wondering if it was big, fat and juicy!

Justin continued to take off his jeans and threw them on the floor very livid. He layed on the bed with his flannel boxers and nothing else. I passed one scarf to Christina and I took the other one. We tied his hands to the the headboard. Priscilla just watched in satisfaction as she kept holding the gun making sure Mr. Timberlake didn't make one sudden move.

Finally we had his hands tied up but now we need to tie his feet to the footboard. I pulled out two more scarfs and Christina and I finished the job. There we had him. Mr. Justin Timberlake my bed all tied up so helpless! It was incredibly erotic.

"Ok, so who gets to fuck him first?" Asked Priscilla anxiously.

Christina disagreed. "How about we blow him first?"

Christina was always about blowjobs. She loved going down on hot guys. I didn't blame her for wanting to go down on Justin. Hell I've wanted to blow him since the first day I saw him.

"I'm with Christina on that one!" I said with glee.

Justin looked even more frightened than ever before. The three of us gathered around my big bed and surrounded Justin's cock. I sat between his legs and Christina was one his left and Priscilla on his right. I was the first to rub my hand on his cock over his boxers. He jolted a little as my hand gently smoothed over his cock. He felt so big and he was still soft.

I proceeded to pull his soft cock out and was amazed at his length. He had to be at least 5 inches soft! My mouth watered as I wondered how big he'd turn when he got hard. I pulled his boxers down to his thighs. He looked so hot! He'd shaved all his pubes off and his cock was such an enchanting color of pink.

I began to rub his cock slowly watching him begin to close his eyes. He was liking it! I began to put my mouth on his soft cock and little by little I was running my lips back and forth on Justin's cock.

I heard him sigh hard for a moment. I felt his cock begin to harden in my mouth. Small drops of precum tingled on my tongue. He tasted so sweet. It was just incredible sucking him. I looked up at my friends with pride showing them how I'd made Justin's cock so hard.

Priscilla's eyes widened. "Oh shit what a nice cock!"

Christina just chuckled a bit. "I had no idea you were so big Justin!"

I handed Christina Justin's cock like a toy and invited her to suck on it. Christina's big lips wrapped tightly around Justin's cock. I saw Justin begin to arch his back. He kept trying not to moan. He tried so hard to keep us from knowing how turned on he was.

Christina was sucking now harder letting all her saliva ooze down Justin's cock. Priscilla and I watched Justin's cock and how his balls were so swollen so full of cum!

"Ok it's my turn now!" Priscilla said grabbing Justin's cock out of Christina's mouth.

"Hey! I was just getting started!" Christina hissed.

"That's enough! We are going to share him so both of u just calm down. There is plenty of cock for all of us." I said trying to prevent my friends from fighting.

Christina went ahead and let Priscilla begin to suck off Justin. She licked his hard cock up and down first and sucked off the rest of his precum. Justin was now letting his moans be heard.

"Oooh you like that don't you?" Christina said gabbing Justins balls.

"Fuck you bitches. OH fuck you all." Justin was furious but loving three girls suck him off.

"Don't worry you bastard. We are going to fuck you. That will come later." I yelled at him.

Priscilla was now going crazy on Justin's prick. She suddenly stopped and offered me Justin's cock for the finish off. I stuck his cock all the way in my mouth savoring his precum. His veiny cock reached the back of my throat. Christina and Priscilla began to take turns sucking on his big balls.

I felt Justin begin to squirm around as he tried to prevent himself from cumming. I knew the fucker couldn't stop himself. I felt a hard shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly pulled it out of my mouth as I began to jack him off.

"Hurry he's cumming!" I said to my friends.

Christina and Priscilla quickly put their faces next to Justin's cock. He began to squirt all his gooey cum on our faces and lips. We all stuck out our tongues trying to catch as much cum as we could.

"Uhhhh-fuck!" Justin yelped as he came.

It was all so sensual. I couln't believe I'd just swallowed Justin Timberlakes cum! It was a fantasy now turning into reality.

"You cunts are going to pay for this!" Justin threatned.

All three of us just laughed at Justin with our faces covered with his cum. His cock was now softening again but still throbbing. I knew he wanted more. It was late that night I was tired and so were my friends. Priscilla put Justin's cock back in his boxers and lightly patted his cock. "Mmmm nice cock Mr. Timberlake." she told him playfully.

"Fuck you stupid bitch." Justin said to my friend.

I got up angirly and slapped him across his face. His cheek turned bright red. "Didn't your mother teach you to respect girls?" I said with a wicked laugh.

His eyes now filled with outrage. "Fuck all of you! I hope you all get what you deserve."

Christina grabbed his cock hard making him squeal like a little bitch. "Oh don't worry we will get what we want and what we deserve you stupid asshole."

The three of us couldn't stop laughing. It felt so powerful being able to control a man. We let Justin just lay there speechless. He looked so tired. We decided to dim the lights and We'd take turns at night watching him. It was time to head for bed and we left Christina to watch him first.

I couln't really sleep. I just kept hoping we wouldn't get caught. I had to come up with a plan to blackmail Mr. Timberlake so he'd keep his mouth shut. Maybe video tape him fucking us? Nah, he'd proably enjoy showing everyone that tape. I had to come up with a plan and I knew my friends would help me.

Tomorrow would be another day and it would also be the day we fuck Justin. My heart raced just thinking of how his huge cock would feel inside me. I hated Justin now for being such a disrespectful asshole but fuck, he was hot! I saw how Priscilla kept tossing and turning. I'm sure she too had a plan.

to be continued.....

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