Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Wife Makes Some New Young Friends!

When our children have left home, my 54 y.o. wife Prue and I move house to a new area and because we don't really know anyone locally I get a bit bored and decide to go out for a couple of beers at the local pub. Once there I make casual acquaintance with a group of rowdy young lads who are in their mid-to-late teens and when 'closing time' arrives (having had a couple of beers) I invite all 5 of them back to the house which happens to be? on their usual route home.

When we arrive at my house it's getting quite late, but to my surprise the lights are still on downstairs and as we enter the dining room I'm surprised to find that my attractive, mature? wife is still up and sitting reading in a chair wearing her dressing gown. Initially, I'm a bit uneasy because she has obviously just had a bath and, as she smiles politely to the youngsters as she? sits back reading in an armchair under a brightly lit standard lamp, I know that she must be naked underneath her gown as she always is after her bath.

Prue is a very petite lady at 5' 4" tall and is very nicely presented for her age. Her skin tones are VERY pale which makes her really sexy to me and although? her body has aged like other women of her agr? I still fancy her like fuck, even after 30 years of being married to her, despite? our sex life being virtually non-existant because she has lost all interest - probably, to be honest, because my cock is only small ..... less than 6 inches in length and not atall thick, in fact it's embarrassingly thin at less than 4 inches in circumference.

Anyway, although Prue's legs are a little chunky and veined, I'd still fuck her day and night if she'd let me, but nowadays our sex life is restricted to Saturday and Sunday mornings in bed when she offers to? wank me off ... and for which I have to be very? grateful. Whenever I try to raise the question of having sex with her she always shows total disinterest and tells me that she still really fancies me but that she simply doesn't need sex anymore in her life.

Anyway, fuelled by? a few drinks, the lads confidently introduce themselves to Prue? and almost immediately start to make a few suggestive comments to her.? Prue? is sexually VERY inexperienced and naieve, having had no other sexual partner apart from myself and as they crowd around her a little intimidatingly? I sit back in? chair opposite her,? smiling at their comments and not supporting her in any way which clearly angers her.

Suddenly, my wife clearly starts to get a little worried and annoyed and she asks me to tell them to go home. In response I say ; "They're only being friendly, love .... is just harmless fun" ...... but? she senses? that there is some sexual tension in the air and she tries to be a little firmer in her tone but ends up insulting one of the lads who immediately takes exception and grabs her dressing gown and pulls it apart so that my sexy, petite wife's large, soft, pale? 34F breasts flop out on full view.

For half a second, the men? stare in silence at her ample, pale? breasts hanging sexily down her chest and then, almost in unison, they cheer and make appropriate comments which let Prue know in no uncertain terms that they find her body VERY sexually desirable!.

In panic, Prue immediately tries to cover herself up, but two of the lads instinctively grab her wrists and force them back against the chair,? above her head. Frightened now, she pleads with me to intervene but I'm sexually aroused by what I'm watching and once again I tell her they're only playing!. In truth, I'm not only aroused, but also scared in case they turn on me if I try to intervene. My inaction however only seems to give the lads a clear sign to go? further and, spurred on by my apparent consent, four of the lads restrain her firmly-but-gently by her wrists and ankles as the fith lad .... who is the youngest of them at just 16y.o. ..... forces her? dressing gown apart? fully to reveal her deliciously mature, naked body and I watch them as they? feast their eyes on her sexy, pale, fuckable mature body as each? studying her generously well thatched pubic bush.

As they continue to restrain her, the 16 y.o. lad looks over his shoulder at me and smiles as if to seek further 'approval' from me of what he is doing with my wife, and because I simply stare back without uttering a word, he realises he can become much more bold, and he immediately starts to use his fingers to explore her dark, hairy cuntslit with his young but very knowledgeable fingers,? causing my restrained wife to wriggle with total embarrassment and discomfort as she realises that her most intimate parts are being sexually examined by a young lad as other young men watch, and suddenly this makes her utter a harsh insult to his manhood as I hear her say ; “You bastard, you inadequate bastard !”.

At this, the lad takes offence and immediately stands up and starts to unzip his pants. I watch Prue’s face as she stares in anguish as he then unbuckles his belt before lowering his jeans and underpants to his knees to show her just how ‘adequate’ he is …. and from my position my heart sinks as I glimpse how big he is for a 16 year old boy !.? Again I watch Prue’s eyes as she sees that he is ENORMOUS .... much, much, MUCH bigger than her husband ...... even in its flaccid state he looks far bigger to her than her husband’s cock when fully erect !.? In fact, the young lad’s impressive penis is over 9 inches long and an unbelievable 8 inches in circumference when fully erect …… and Prue doesn't have to wait long to see it standing to attention for her.? But as she stares in disbelief at its size (the biggest cock she has EVER SEEN by miles !) I hear him instruct his young mates in how to "position her !" for him.

Excitedly, I then watch as the four lads forcibly pull my wife out of the armchair and roughly remove her dressing gown completely before carrying her over to the dining table where they drag her backwards onto the table, face up and with her soft, pale legs drapped down ove the table end.? Spread-eagled in this position? .... stark naked and sexually vulnerable ...... Prue has to watch as the 16 year old lad removes his jeans and underpants and then moves into position at the end of the table between her open, restrained legs.

"Please no, no !" begs my wife but she is helpless to resist as his she watches him holding his long, thick cock as he works his bulbous cockhead against her moist cuntslit,? and then ….. slowly and smoothly … he slips into her as my wife gasps loudly, her mouth wide open as she feels the biggest cock inside her she has ever known !.

The other lads egg-on their young mate as he starts to fuck my sexy, mature wife as I watch excitedly. Being well-hung he is confident and he strokes his big cock ‘in and out’ of her tight, mature vagina and making her pant and moan with sexual pleasure as, slowly-but-surely,? brings her to orgasm.

Prue has often claimed not to be interested in sex, but as he fucks her rhythmically she starts to appreciate just what a big cock can do inside a woman and how good it feels, and as he rapes her uncompromisingly she suddenly finds herself encouraging him, saying out loud ; "Oh God, you’re big .... Oh God, you're SO big !.”.

As I hear this my excitement rises, but equally my heart sinks as I find myself watching a young lad satisfying my wife and knowing that I can’t !.

My excitement and anguish grow as she contiues ; “Oh Christ, that cock feels SO good. Ohhhh, God, you're SO much bigger than my husband ... oh God, I’m cuming … I’m cuming …..fuck me ... fuck me !".

As he continues to rape-fuck her I watch my 54 y.o. sexually inexperienced wife being satisfied by a 16 y.o. lad ..... and even I'm taken aback as I hear her say to him ; "Cum inside me … I’m ready ….. please, cum inside me ... fill me with your lovely hot, creamy spunk!" .

The young lad is obviously proud of being able to satisfy my mature wife in this way and I realise he is goading me as I hear him say ; “Who do you prefer to fuck you Prue?.? Me, or your husband?”, …………? and once again my heart sinks as she blurts out ; “You, YOU!”.

Split seconds later and Prue gets exactly what she's previously begged for as he ejaculates a flood of hot, creamy spunk inside her, as she writhes uncontrollably in the throes of sexual ecstacy.

Once he has ‘fertilised’ her the young lad turns towards me and grins as I see him withdraw his huge cock from her … the shaft glistening with her cunt juice.

Now I feel shamefull and empty, but the lads haven’t finished with her yet and she is lifted off the table and immediately turned over and made to stand against the table, bent fully forwards over the table top with her deliciously ample breasts hanging down from her chest ..... and restrained in this position the other lads eagerly await their turn until each has taken her from behind …. the older lads raping her forcefully from behind as they lustfully stare at her sexy little bare bottom as their cockshafts slip in and out of her hole, satisfying her.

By this point, Prue is secretly enjoying every minute and every long inch of their young, stiff cockmeat and, as they continue to rape her over the course of the next 3-4 hours, it's quite clear from what she says by way of encouragement to them as they make her orgasm that this is what she has always needed in bed ….. young men with BIG cocks !. Sadly for me, I realise without any shadow of a doubt that these young studs have totally ‘spoiled her’ for me and that she'll never, EVER want sex ever again with her under-endowed, 55 y.o. husband for the rest of our married life.

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Blogger John Gibson said...

I can really relate to your story. I believe that when woman reach that age, they want a man who is willing to allow them to have their fantacy of wild sex with a big dick younger man forefilled while their husband is nearby to protect them from any unexpected, undesirable activity. I really got aroused while reading this story and I couldn't help but to think about my attractive mature wife being totally satisfied by some big dick young stud. I too am only 6 inches. It is unfortunate how men tend to shrink as they age but if our wives are willing to put up with our inability to satisfy them, we should be willing to let them get their groove on once in a while.Especially if they are willing to watch

June 4, 2010 at 1:25 PM  
Blogger Sarah Emm said...

Lovely fantasy, and I imagine I wouldn't mind being her myself...

June 25, 2015 at 9:57 AM  

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