Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Work Experience

The day had gone well, it was 5:00 pm, we were into the last hour, Pete (the regular worker who was checking me each hour) had just left, saying “meet you in the briefing room at six”. As this was my last day I was going down the local pub to have a drink with a gang of the workers, and we were meeting at 6:00 pm when the zoo closed. All that was left for me to do to finish the day was to put the food that I had prepared into the empty indoor enclosure. At 5:30 a bell would sound to tell the visitors to the zoo that we were due to close and that was also the signal to open the door from the outside enclosure, to the inside. The animals got used to this signal, and as soon as they heard the bell they would automatically make there way inside to get to the food. Once counted in, I had to collect the water bowls from the outside enclosure, put them into soak overnight, and I was out of here.

There was always a rush to get to the three showers in the women’s changing rooms, and it could sometimes be 6:30 before you got your turn. I wanted to be away on time tonight, so I had worked out a plan to beat the rush. I had put the food ready in the inside enclosure, and I had fifteen minutes until I had to let the baboons in. My last job of collecting the bowls would not get me messed up or smelly, so off I dashed to the showers. I hurriedly had a shower, got dried, put on my clean bra, I was searching in my bag for my knickers when I heard the feeding bell. I thought, “Blow it I’ll get my knickers when I come back”, grabbing the nearest clean overall coat, I put it on and ran back to the baboon house.

I dashed through the food preparation room into the area where the enclosure doors are operated from; the baboons were crowded around the door fighting each other to get in and they were all getting very agitated. I pressed the gate open button and started counting them in, they were coming in in such a rush that counting was impossible, and even when inside they were chasing around wildly, so I just give up counting, assumed they must all be in, and closed the ape’s enclosure door.

I now opened my door from the feeding room to the enclosure, and went outside, closing the door and wedged it with a log. Now this door had a very complicated locking system to prevent the baboons from opening it from the outside enclosure. The problem was that it was too complicated, and so difficult to open that the permanent keeper that I had been working with, didn’t bother to use it. He had showed me how to wedge a wooden log between the outside wall and the door, as he said “you aren’t going to be out here if the baboons are in the enclosure, so why they bother with that stupid lock beat me”.

I ran across the enclosure gathering the drinking bowls, the overall coat that I had grabbed wasn’t mine and was about ten sizes too big. It bellowed in the slight breeze like a tent as I ran, and the draught reminded me that I hadn’t got any knickers or skirt on under the coat. I picked up the last bowl, turned around to return to the feeding room, and what I saw froze me to the spot. Halfway across the enclosure were two adolescent males, coming towards me at full speed. I dropped the bowls and ran, not to anywhere, just away from the apes. Next second I was rolling across the ground, where one of the baboons had bounded onto my back and knocked me flying. He was coming at me again, I curled into a ball. THUD. I was sent bowling over again.

“GET INTO THE SUBMISSIVE POSITION. QUICKLY BEFORE HE HITS YOU AGAIN”, one of the keepers was shouting at me from the fence at the outside of the enclosure. “The submissive position” I thought. Yes we were told about this on our first day, but I never thought I would ever put it into practice. If being attacked, don’t run under any circumstances; always go down on your knees, head and shoulders to the floor, with elbows tucked in and hands on the back of the head. This is the position that all apes use to signal that they are yielding to a superior, and are no threat to him. It normally calms down the aggressor, and ends any attack.

THUD. Again I was bowling over, but this time I rolled into the other baboon, who lashed out, ripping my coat open. I rolled up onto my knees, got my head right down and clasped my hands around the back of my head as tight as possible. One baboon came across and punched me in the side of my ribs. It winded me, but I managed to stay in the kneeling position, with my bottom up. The baboons were suddenly calmed down, and now just seamed inquisitive, poking, sniffing and prodding me. I could hear the keeper on the outside of the enclosure shouting for someone to get the tranquiliser gun, and for others to go around to the enclosure entrance to divert the baboon’s attention.

It was a long way to run to get the gun from the main office where it was kept, and then back around the enclosure to the entrance, where I had wedged the log. They weren’t going to know until they got there, that they couldn’t get in, and this would take at least another four or five minutes. Meanwhile, my ripped overall coat gave the baboons, and the now gathering crowd, clear visibility of my lower end. The baboons were squabbling over who was the main man out of the two of them. Normally the big dominant male wouldn’t let either of them get anywhere near any female, but he was now locked in the inside enclosure. They must have realised that I was female, by there prodding and sniffing, and as I looked back under my own body, I could see both of them had pink pricks sticking out of their sheaths. One grabbed my leg and pulled me sideways, I didn’t fall, but before I could bring my other leg across to close the gap, the other baboon was on my back.

I had thought that I had seen a little pink prick sticking out, but within seconds it was growing inside me, as he pounded away. I was a true virgin, and this was a rude awakening. He was ramming me like it was his first fuck, and all his birthdays had come at once. I was in extreme pain, but that didn’t stop me getting aroused. I hadn’t got a clue what to expect, but feelings were welling up inside me, and my cries of pain were turning into cries or gasps of pleasure. In no time at all, I felt his hot cum squirting inside, he slipped out still squirting all over, as he run around like an excited child. I didn’t know what an orgasm was, so I didn’t know I hadn’t had one. I was still gasping and moaning, when baboon number two got mounted, it went in easer, and although just as big, this time there was less pain, and the pleasure started immediately, I was soon pushing back onto him as fast as he was thrusting into me. When I felt his hot load pumping up, I was treated to my first orgasm, how do you describe it. There isn’t anything that I have experienced, either before or since that you can compare it to. All I know is that as he slipped out of my cunt, I rolled over and over writhing about uncontrollably.

Big mistake, as quickly as they had previously calmed down, they now got aggressive again. One of them grabbed hold of me by the sleeve of my coat, dragging me across the ground, ripping my overall into two, and leaving me with only one arm in a sleeve of half an overall. I quickly got back into the submissive position, with my bum up in the air, and was instantly mounted, by which one I don’t know (not that it matters). I was obviously getting used to this by now, as I was soon pumping in unison with him.
“TRY YOUR BEST TO KEEP AS STILL AS POSIBLE. I’M GOING TO TRY TO TRANQUILISE HIM”, I could hear the keepers voice shouting from the perimeter fence. I looked across; he was stood at the top of a ladder leaned against the fence with a rifle in his hands. I froze, praying that he would hit the baboon and not me.

WHACK. The dart thudded into the baboon, he let out a yelp. But it didn’t stop him fucking, and he kept pumping away as though nothing had happened, and it was lasting a lot longer this time. Then I heard another WHACK. This time it was the other baboon that yelped, as he scampered away across the enclosure. Back to my baboon, who was still going strong, fucking away as if the dart was have no effect. I could now tell the signs, and knew I was building for another rush of emotion and spasms. I wasn’t disappointed; the ape shot his second load and I arched my back high as he pumped the fluid up deep into my virgin cunt. His motion stopped, and I felt a dead weight bearing down on me, I collapsed to the floor face down, with him still inside. His prick was gradually shrinking and slipping up, when I felt him being lifted off me by two keepers who had scaled the fence, using ladders.

I was carried back inside, placed on a stretcher, a blanket draped over me, and carried to the medical room. In the medical room, I was examined by three of the head keepers, all of them male, only one of which was responsible for first aid. They had my legs wide open as they poked and prodded, and eventually they cleaned me up. I was then read the riot act, and told how lucky I had been, they could have ripped you to shreds, “you’re lucky you weren’t killed. You know you should NEVER go into the enclosure until ever one of the baboons have been counted into the inside enclosure. And what do you think you were doing wedging the door; there was no way we could get in to rescue you. And lastly you were told the zoo rules about underwear, when not wearing jeans, I can’t imagine what you were playing at, no wonder they got aroused, you know they got an acute sense of smell”.

They were right, it had been explained to me that you count the baboons back inside to make sure the enclosure is empty.
The wedging the door open, was as I’ve already said, was not my idea, but they didn’t want to hear that.
And we were told that it is preferred that even female staff wear jeans, but if skirts or overall coats are worn without skirts then the zoo provide special knickers made in a tough material, with elastic round the legs. Definitely not sexy, very rough on the skin, and they made you sweat. In the hot weather most of the girls just wore the overall coat over their bra and knickers, otherwise it was too hot. None of them ever wore the special knickers that were provided. The reason had tactfully been explained when I first started at the zoo, they said that when working with chimps and some of the less aggressive monkeys, it prevented accidental injuries caused by them when they were being playful as they swung their long arms about.

In short it the keepers said it was entirely my fault and I could even be prosecuted for not following the safety procedures. They said they may even have to bill my parents for the value of the two baboons if they don’t recover from the anaesthetic. With this on me record I had no chance of a job, here or any where else. I kept saying how sorry I was and asked if there was anything I could do to put things right. Well I suppose your young, and you’ve learned your lesson. Up until this mistake you’ve shown a lot off promise, and it would be a pity to spoil such a promising career. It we were to keep it quiet and not report your mistakes, we would all be in trouble if anyone finds out.
“What are you prepared to do to make it worth our while”?

It was obvious that they were all aroused by what they had just witnessed, and giving me an examination hadn’t helped.
“What do you mean”? I asked.
“Well what about a little feel?” said one man.
“I thought that what you just done to me” I said.
“You’re not very cooperative are you? We might as well make the report out now” he snapped.
“No don’t do that, I’ll lay back and let you play with me” I said apologetically, they’d been poking around already, so I didn’t think it was worth making a fuss about.
There were hands all over me, and I was soon getting aroused by the man playing with my clit, I started lifting, arching my back laid there with my eyes closed. I felt great, and I couldn’t disguise the fact, then someone lifted my legs high and wide felt something entering my cunt, and it wasn’t a finger. One of the men had lowered his trousers, and he was up on the examination couch with me, once his knob end was in he pushed his hard prick up in one thrust. This was my first experience of fucking in this position, and being laid on a comfortable couch, this was starting to become enjoyable. He was a man of about forty-five, and physically quite fit, he was in no hurry, and his strokes were slow and long. I lifted with each of his strokes, and each time we met I felt his balls slapping my arse, I realised I was moaning out loud, and one of the other keepers was fondling my tits.

The other keeper climbed onto the head of the couch, and knelt over my face, pushing his prick towards my mouth. “Come on luv, give this a suck”, he said as he pushed it hard against my lips, I reluctantly opened my mouth, and sucked like I was told. Once again, this like the fucking was quite pleasurable once I got used to it. I could taste some liquid seeping from his dick, it tasted almost sweet. I thought, it doesn’t taste like piss, and he can’t be cumming yet, I had never heard of pre-cum, but that’s what it was. Every few strokes he would thrust hard pushing it into my throat, and making me gasp for breath. My other lover was still lunging away at my cunt, and I was responding to every movement. I got used to timing my breaths to just before the prick blocked my windpipe, and this enabled him to push deeper.

“My god she’s swallowing my dick right down here throat. I’ve never seen anyone take this much before. I’m cumming already, oh god! AH AHH. Oh Jesus, that that was fucking unbelievable. She’s a fucking natural”, and at that he pulled out. Now while he’d been giving his speech, his prick had been going deeper, and when he shot his load, it wasn’t a case of me swallowing it, it was shot straight down my throat into my belly. The trouble was while he was shooting he kept it in my throat, and I almost passed out through lack of breath. As he pulled out I coughed like a person just taking their first breath after being saved from drowning. Being taken this close to blacking out is a strange sensation, and although the rest of my body was limp, my hips had continued thrusting away as if on auto pilot. I could suddenly feel my cunt flooding with fluid, and contracting in a spasmodic and uncontrollable way. My lover was simultaneously injecting his liquid up deep inside.

He pulled out and stood there watching me writing about. The keeper who had up to now only been feeling my tits, climbed onto the couch, lay down beside me, and rolled me over on top of him. My legs dropped either side of his body, and he slid me down onto his dick. He started by holding me around the waist and lifting me up and down was using my cunt like a wanking glove. Gradually, I regained my consciousness, and I took over lifting up and down to get the longest stroke I could without letting it slip out. Someone was fingering my arse; using the slimy cum from around my cunt to aid his finger that he was poking deep into me. Now he was using two fingers, god that hurt, but in no time he’d stopped and pulled them out.

Now what? No he wouldn’t. AHG! He was. He was forcing his prick up my arse, whilst I already had another prick up my cunt! I though my flesh was being ripped apart. But it appears that the female body must be designed to take this kind of abuse, because within five minutes I was experiencing as much pleasure as I was pain. The prick was still pushing deep up into my bowels, and the pain was still making me wince, but there was this overwhelming volcano building deep in the pit of my stomach, and I couldn’t control my body movements. I was giving out cries, whelps, groans and all manner of animal like noises, so much so that the spare keeper held a towel over my mouth to deaden the noise. The climax was coming, and all three of us could sense it, they were both pumping in unison, and there strokes were getting faster.

Then the spunk started pumping, I could feel it warm up my arse. The spunk in my cunt was met with a rush of fluid from deep within, that forced its way passed the prick and sprayed over his balls, and then a sudden contraction, that squeezed another shot out of his prick. My arse now had a contraction, squeezing the other mans prick, as if my cunt was showing it how to react. These contractions, arse and cunt continued well after the man had pulled out of my arse, and I had been pushed off and aside by my other stud. I lay there convulsing uncontrollably, with all three men looking on and making crude remarks.

I was cleaned up and told to meet them at 7:00 pm the next day at the Cross Keys (this was a pub in one of the local villages). I promised I would, but I never intended to keep that promise, and I never did. They gave me an overall coat to wear, and they walked me back to the women’s changing room, where they left me saying “see you tomorrow, don’t be late”. I thought to myself, “Fuck you! You’re not seeing me or my arse again”! The changing room was empty, as it was now getting on for 7:00 pm I found my bag of clothes, my knickers were there all the time, but being little skimpy ones I had missed them tucked into to sleeve of my blouse. I was soon dressed, and made my way out of the zoo, as I passed the briefing room, the light was on, and I could see three of the lads inside. I thought, that’s kind they’ve waited for me.

As I opened the door they all got up and rushed across asking was I alright now. I didn’t know whether they’d all seen my performance with the baboon, or just heard about it, but they all seemed genuinely concerned. Nobody made any rude remarks, or tried to blame me, not like the keepers. They asked if I felt up to going out for a drink, or did I want taking straight home. I needed a drink, so what the hell, “Come on lads get me drunk, it’s been a hell of day”.

The evening in the pub went well, we were soon laughing and joking and the day’s event was almost blanked out of my mind. I was being plied with booze, as fast as they could get me to drink it. After about an hour I was loosening up and the lads were taking it in turns to pull me into the corner of the booth and snog (kiss) me. This was quite ok with me, we were in public and I knew that kissing was all they could get away with in here.
“YOU LOT CAN DRINK UP AND GET, AND TAKE THAT TART WITH YOU. YOUR’E UPSETTING MY REGULARS. THIS AINT A KNOCKING SHOP (Brothel).”, this was the pub land lord, and he was angry. The lads drank up, helped me to my feet, I was by now not very steady, and we all got in the car.

“Where can we take her”? Said Pete.
“Just take me straight home now, thanks ever so much. I’ve had a great night, you don’t know just how much I needed that drink tonight”, I replied.
“You ain’t going home yet darling; surely you want to show us how grateful you are”?
I could tell by the way they were looking at me that wanted more than just a kiss and a cuddle, so I said, “I’ll let you all have a snog, and a feel of my tits on the way home if you want”.
“Let’s take here to Giles’s barn”, said one of the lads. They all agreed with that idea, and despite my protests, we were soon puling up at the entrance to a deserted barn in the corner of a field.

I was led in, there were no lights, and I was soon handling their pricks and being encouraged to take them in my mouth. I was being stripped; someone was removing my blouse, whilst another was taking down my skirt. I was going to get fucked, and I thought I might as well get it over with as quick as possible. They laid me down on my back, and as the first one was about to get stuck up, I said “If you want to lay on your back, I’ll get on top and fuck you, that way Garry can fuck my arse at the same time. And Jim can use my mouth”.

They were stunned for about two seconds, and then they got organised. We were soon all in position, and I was once more fucking away. The drink had loosened my inhabitations, and my libido was in overdrive. Although they were all two years older than me, they weren’t very experienced, and I led them all the way. Not to say that they didn’t give me a good time, but they all cum their load in what seemed like seconds, before I had chance to get into my stride. So I was soon into second helpings, and they all moved around to different positions. Second time took longer, and I got a minor orgasm, but when they all moved around again for their third fuck, the spunk took longer to rise, and I was able to build my orgasm back to a peak. It didn’t compare with the one earlier in the night, but the lads though they were gods gift to woman hood.

They took me home, and I never saw any of them again. I never returned to take up a job at the zoo, and ever since that day I’ve never been near a zoo, and I shudder if I see any kind of ape, even on the telly.

Please drop me a line, acclaim is always preferred, but constructive criticism is also welcome. If there are any women reading this I would welcome their constructive opinion, as I’m sure they will appreciate, it is difficult for a man to describe an orgasm from a woman’s point of view, thanks for reading, Bye.

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