Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Boss pt 1

Little did I know, when I took the baby sitting job. How things would turn out. It was late one Friday after noon, when my boss had come home from work. After a long day of playing with Lego and X box I was yearning for adult company. And decided to stick around for a while after work. the three of us sat down together to watch a movie, and in no time at all the young boy I was baby sitting had fallen asleep, His dad picked him up and carried him off to his bedroom, returning to the movie, and making small talk about how our day had gone,

about an hour passed. And the movie had ended. And I was near sleep myself. My eyes drifting open and closed, and I realized my boss glancing at me out through the corner of his eyes. Not taking much notice. I closed my eyes once more. Opening them again only moments later to see he was gone, I got up off the couch and turned the TV off, and began to wander around the house to see where he had gone, all the lights were out in the house, I’m sure he had assumed I would sleep through the night and that I could just sleep on the couch, it would save me driving in, in the morning anyways, I thought.

I wandered down the hallway. And saw the glow of the TV through the small opening in his bedroom door and peered inside. When I realized he had his hand on his hard cock, watching some lesbians go at it w/ a strap on, on some cheap porno. I suddenly got very wet. And decided I’d stay and watch a while, it wasn’t long until he had cum, and it wasn’t long till my hand started exploring up my skirt, as my pussy juices began to run down my leg. He cleaned himself up and got out of bed and headed for the door.

I was frozen in my tracks I couldn’t move fast enough, and he opened the door to see me standing there, my hand on my crotch. My pussy juices soaking my white thong. He looked at me shocked, and then smiled wickedly.

”Hmmm did you like what you saw” I blushed and managed to stammer

I… I’m sorry”

He looked at me with that same wild look in his eyes, and I couldn’t help but wonder what thoughts were going through his mind.

Suddenly he changed his tone. like he was angry with me for spying on him. He looked me in the eye saying

“ You had best be sorry,… “

After a long pause, both of us standing there in silence. He let out a heavy sigh. and again angrily said to me

”we can’t have anybody finding out about this now can we?”

”No-no sir… I won’t tell anybody” I stammered again.

”well, how can I be sure.” He snapped back.

” I… I promise” almost in tears.

he sighs again, and then he sais, well.. ” you’ve seen me. Don’t you think its only fair if I get to see you too? “

” I … I don’t know …. i don’t think I should”

”come on, you don’t want your mother finding out you were spying on me now do you? What would she say?”

” I…i uh. “

”Come here, “ he demands.

As he walks back into the bedroom,

I begin to follow, wearily. to afraid not to do as I’m told.

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A New Life - chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Saturday)

There appeared a smile on Sarah's face. She was going to meet the man of her dreams!! ... TONIGHT!!
How cliché this may seem,? Sarah's life is everything but cliché.. and it is going to be even more strange.. and exciting!

He had told her to wear her black dress. It's a short Summer dress, with ultra-thin straps and a low back. She felt so sexy in that dress! She was going to wear? a small lace thong underneath. She quickly took a shower and shaved her pussy nice and clean. She did not know what was going to happen tonight, but she wanted to be prepared.

They had spoken to each other online and on the phone for almost half a year now. It was about time that they were going to meet in real life!? Victor really was an amazing guy! He had very? remarkable thoughts. He believed in the dominance and superiority of men and that women were merely here to give men pleasure. He saw women as toys and often referred to his "girlfriends" as toys or pets. Needless to say he was not a monogamous man, on the contrary, most of the time he was involved with at least 3 women. His relationships usually didn't last long: either he got bored of the girl at hand or she couldn't take his? obscene way of life. But Sarah was confident. She was no ordinary girl; she had always been very different? from her friends. If everything went well tonight, she was going to spend a whole week at Victor's house. In that week he was going to test her to see whether she was worthy of being his and strong enough to take his treatment. Victor was searching for a young girl, willing to completely submit to him. His normal toys still had too much of an own mind, according to him. He wanted a real slave who would immediately? do everything he wanted without hesitating or complaining.

Sarah was a 24-year-old student. Still young and naive, but Victor knew there was something special about her. He had met many submissive women, but Sarah's thoughts about submission were amazingly similar to his. He had good hopes to have found the girl he had wanted for a long time. Playing with his toys was nice, but he always needed to restrain himself from going all the way. Sarah could be the ultimate slave! And she was pretty too! He had seen pictures of her and they had played a little in front of the webcam. She was a small girl, with a nice round ass and? beautiful breasts. Her long black hair reached almost 'till her belly button and? she had a sweet face with big brown eyes.

The meeting would take place in a restaurant in town. Victor had been there many times before, he liked the privacy of the tables in the corner in the back. Sarah was 15 minutes early. She was very nervous, desperate to make a good impression. Victor was, typically, almost 15 minutes late. Not that he wasn't as interested as she was, but it was a first test: he wanted to see whether she would complain about him being late. She didn't. She didn't even show a hint of any annoyance or disappointment. She welcomed him enthousiastic, with a kiss on each cheek and a broad smile on her angelic face. Victor was pleased to see her wearing the dress he had picked out. He had seen pictures of her wearing it and knew she looked stunning in it. But he was no man of giving compliments.
Sarah's cheeks had turned a bright red colour, partly because of nervousness, partly because of excitement. Victor was a big, strong man, much taller than she was. She had to stand on her toes to give him a kiss while he was bending down a little. He was also much older,? 48 years old to be exact, but Sarah had always felt attracted to older men.? She also felt more respect for older men. And despite his age, Victor was still very attractive. So far none of the two felt any disappointment.
The evening started out normal: just some chatting and eating to break the ice. The later it got, the more they started talking about the upcoming week. Sarah had a week off from uni and they both liked the idea of her staying with him. Victor made it very clear though that it would not be an easy week. If she decided to come home with him tonight, she would give all control out of hands. The only thing she would have any control over was leaving, since he would not want to keep her there against her will. Everything else would go exactly the way he wanted, without any regard to her thoughts or feelings about the matter. He saw women as inferior objects that he could use in every way he seemed fit. He also made it very clear that he did not use safety words: his toys are not allowed to say no. Although he gave her his word that he was not some kind of sick maniac and he would never hurt her too much that it would cause serious injury or leave permanent marks. He liked to hurt his girls every now and then but he was very careful not to break his toys. He also lent his toys to his friends or let them play with them at his parties and he would not accept being embarrassed by not obeying brats. He mentioned the few women that had tried to pass his one-week test had only lasted up to 3 days. They had talked about all of this online several times and Sarah had always thought this was what she wanted from a man. She wanted to worhip a man, obey him at all times, receive punishment whenever he seemed fit, serve him 24/7 and? be used by him as the little slut that she was.

The restaurant was starting to clear out since it was getting close to closing time. Sarah had to make up her mind about whether she would go home with him or not. Victor decided to take the next step and whispered in her ear: "Remove your panties and hand them to me." Sarah started to blush even more, but did as she was told. She quietly slid her hands underneath the tafel, under her dress and then quickly lifted up her ass from the chair. She knew the waiters could see her so she tried to do it as discrete as possible. She fumbled the thong in her hand and reached over the table to give it to him. He smiled when he saw what she? had been? wearing but also because the thought of her wearing nothing but that tiny dress really turned him on. He reached forward under the table to feel her bare cunt, pressing his finger hard exactly on her clit. She gasped and immediately sat up straight, which pulled her dress even tighter over her tits. Victor saw her nipples hardening and he himself started to get more aroused too. "Shall we continue our play at home, or..?" She eagerly nodded while? answering? "yes please". Victor payed the bill and led her to his car. Usually his pets weren't allowed to sit in the frontseat of the car, but he would make an exception tonight. He wanted Sarah to play with herself in the car; touch her nipples, tease her clit, to make sure she would be as horny as hell when they got home. Sarah liked to play. The nervousness from earlier this evening was gone, all that was left was an immense hunger for sex!
It was dark outside and there were hardly any other cars on the roads. Sarah removed the straps from her shoulders and pulled her dress down over her breasts. She carassed them while squeezing her nipples and making moaning sounds. Her dress still covered her cunt and she brought one hand down to finger her pussy which was quickly getting wetter. She noticed Victor was getting aroused by her performance too because his pants was getting very tight around his crotch. He suddenly stopped by the side of the road and said "Ok, I can't wait any longer" while unbuttoning his pants. His rock hard? cock escaped from his pants and he grabbed Sarahs hair to push her mouth into place. Sarah eagerly started licking and sucking, moaning loudly when he squeezed her right nipple hard. She tried to get his penis inside of her mouth as deep as possible, but she was unable to? swallow it whole. She covered the remaining part with her left hand, using her right to play with his balls. He still held her hair firmly in one hand, while squeezing her nipple with the other. Every now and then he released her nipple to try and reach her wet cunt. He managed to get a finger inside, but went back to feeling her breasts again. Sarah desperately wanted to make him cum, proving that she had done a good job. But she also wanted to be fucked by him. She hoped he would have enough energy left to rock her world that night! At the time of his orgasm Victor held down her head with both hands, forcing her to swallow it all. When he released her she still sucked and licked the last drops off his cock. He looked at her very pleased. "Good girl" he said while he caressed the hair out of her face. She wanted to put the top of her dress over her shoulders again, but he stopped her saying "No, leave it down.. I like it that way". She giggled a little and remained topless. "In fact.. take it all off", he ordered. She did and sat totally nude beside him in his car. She had never been nude in a car before and she felt excited by it. They quietly drove home, it was only about 5 more minutes 'till they reached his house. He parked in front of the house and made her walk to the front door totally naked, wearing nothing but her black high heels. He enjoyed watching her walk like that: totally vulnerable and so pretty. She really had a great body and so far she had been obeying him perfectly, seeming to be? very eager to please him. He had no regrets meeting her and taking her home. He made her kneel in front of the door and placed a collar around her neck. It was a big black collar with several silver rings to attach? chains to. He made her crawl inside the house and said "The fun has just begon!"

He placed Sarah in the living room. Her place would be beside the couch on the ground. He left her there for a few minutes to get the stuff that he needed. He came back with a kinky little outfit for her to wear, crotchless and showing all of her tits and ass. Only a small part under her breasts was covered by see-through lace and there were matching stockings. She loved dressing up and couldn't wait to see what other costumes he had in store for her. He also placed a slave mask on her head, showing only her big brown eyes and placing a ball in her mouth which made her unable to speak. He played with her nipples to make them nice and hard and then put nipple clamps on them. He did the same with her clit and then ordered her to sit on hands and knees. He attached chains from the clamps to her collar and pulled them tight. Every little movement she made pulled the chains and made the clamps hurt even more. He rubbed her nice round ass and ocassionally spanked it, making her moan because the movement jerked on the clamps. The pain brought tears to her eyes, but the treatment also made her cunt juices flow. When he noticed how wet she had become he opened a drawer and took out a big black dildo. He held it in front of her face to make her see how big it was and asked "Now shall we put it in my pet's cunt or her tight little ass?" Unable to answer all Sarah could do was wait. "Let's see where we can make this fit.." "He first teased her asshole with it, scaring Sarah a little since she knew it would hurt a lot if he decided to force it in there. He then slowly moved it to her cunt, pushed it inside a little and then back out.. He used her wetness to lube her asshole, but what Sarah didn't know was that he was planning on putting a smaller vibrator in there.? He slid the vibrator in her ass, startling Sarah since she hadn't expected anything in there that quick. He switched it on, sending vibrations through Sarah's body? and the clamps. He then fucked her with the big dildo, going a bit deeper with every thrust until leaving it deep inside of her pussy. He then left to the kitchen to make himself some tea. When he returned he seemed to forget all about his new toy and started watching tv. She wondered how long he would leave her like that. She enjoyed the feeling of the vibrator and dildo, but the clamps started to hurt too much. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any longer, he turned off the tv and removed the clamps, one by one. Tears ran down her face when her blood was able to stream through her tortured nipples and cunt again. He gently licked her red nipples while pulling the dildo in and out, going faster and faster. He removed the dildo and vibrator and laid her down on her back. He loved the look in her eyes, so helpless and full of questions about what would happen next. He decided to make a few photographs of her lying there, in her kinky little outfit, with bright red nipples and glistening wet cunt, still with tears in her eyes. It really turned him on and he removed her mask to be able to make a few pictures of her pretty face too. Sarah was sobbing a little, not quite sure whether she was enjoying herself or not. She realized just how dangerous this was: going home with a guy she had met online, throwing herself totally at his mercy. She had always fantasized about being used like this, even worse than this. But she now realized just how different fantasy and reality really are. She had totally lost all control and was scared about what would happen next. She knew it was going to get much worse and she wasn't too sure about what she wanted anymore.
When Victor had finished making the photographs he placed Sarah over the back of the couch. He removed his clothes and penetrated her still wet pussy. His hands reached around? to grab her tits and he fucked her hard. He squeezed her nipples, pulled her hair to make her face him then held her hips to be able to thrust harder and deeper. Sarah loved this kind of rough sex and hoped he wouldn't stop any time soon. He pulled out and then turned Sarah so that she could lie with her chest on the couch, her ass up in the air. He then tried to penetrate her asshole. Sarah had only had anal sex a few times before, so she was still very tight. After? some? painful tries he managed to get inside of her. He fucked her fast, holding her hips in his hands, spreading her ass cheeks apart. He ended with some deeper thrusts and then filled her ass with his cum. He pulled out and let himself fall on the couch, pushing her off of it. "Go and get something to clean this shit up.." he said, meaning the sperm that had dripped on the couch. All sweaty and out of breath she made her way to the kitchen, to find some tissues or a? towel or something. She quickly found the tissues and cleaned her ass, the couch and the ground. She wanted to take place beside the couch again, but he pulled her in front of him and said "Now clean this" while pushing her face in his crotch again. His cock was still pretty hard and she licked all sides and gently sucked on his dickhead. He closed his eyes and let her continue until he had enough and his cock started to get limp. "Now get me? a beer.. if you want something to drink there is a water? bottle on the table.." She went to the kitchen to get the beer and water.
When she returned Victor gave her a list of chores for the next day.? She had to get up at? 8 in the morning, take a shower and make sure she was nice and clean, dress up in a cute little maid's uniform, make breakfast, wake Victor at 10 and give him breakfast in bed, clean the living room, the bath room and the hallway.? Everything had to be ready at 12:30. Then Victor would help her get ready for the afternoon: he was inviting a few friends over to come and play..
Sarah went to her room. It was small, but it did have a bed to sleep on.. she couldn't sleep however. She was wondering about tomorrow.. and the rest of the week.. what kind of things? would Victor have in store for her? Would she be able to be the slave he desired?? ?

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My Wife Makes Some New Young Friends!

When our children have left home, my 54 y.o. wife Prue and I move house to a new area and because we don't really know anyone locally I get a bit bored and decide to go out for a couple of beers at the local pub. Once there I make casual acquaintance with a group of rowdy young lads who are in their mid-to-late teens and when 'closing time' arrives (having had a couple of beers) I invite all 5 of them back to the house which happens to be? on their usual route home.

When we arrive at my house it's getting quite late, but to my surprise the lights are still on downstairs and as we enter the dining room I'm surprised to find that my attractive, mature? wife is still up and sitting reading in a chair wearing her dressing gown. Initially, I'm a bit uneasy because she has obviously just had a bath and, as she smiles politely to the youngsters as she? sits back reading in an armchair under a brightly lit standard lamp, I know that she must be naked underneath her gown as she always is after her bath.

Prue is a very petite lady at 5' 4" tall and is very nicely presented for her age. Her skin tones are VERY pale which makes her really sexy to me and although? her body has aged like other women of her agr? I still fancy her like fuck, even after 30 years of being married to her, despite? our sex life being virtually non-existant because she has lost all interest - probably, to be honest, because my cock is only small ..... less than 6 inches in length and not atall thick, in fact it's embarrassingly thin at less than 4 inches in circumference.

Anyway, although Prue's legs are a little chunky and veined, I'd still fuck her day and night if she'd let me, but nowadays our sex life is restricted to Saturday and Sunday mornings in bed when she offers to? wank me off ... and for which I have to be very? grateful. Whenever I try to raise the question of having sex with her she always shows total disinterest and tells me that she still really fancies me but that she simply doesn't need sex anymore in her life.

Anyway, fuelled by? a few drinks, the lads confidently introduce themselves to Prue? and almost immediately start to make a few suggestive comments to her.? Prue? is sexually VERY inexperienced and naieve, having had no other sexual partner apart from myself and as they crowd around her a little intimidatingly? I sit back in? chair opposite her,? smiling at their comments and not supporting her in any way which clearly angers her.

Suddenly, my wife clearly starts to get a little worried and annoyed and she asks me to tell them to go home. In response I say ; "They're only being friendly, love .... is just harmless fun" ...... but? she senses? that there is some sexual tension in the air and she tries to be a little firmer in her tone but ends up insulting one of the lads who immediately takes exception and grabs her dressing gown and pulls it apart so that my sexy, petite wife's large, soft, pale? 34F breasts flop out on full view.

For half a second, the men? stare in silence at her ample, pale? breasts hanging sexily down her chest and then, almost in unison, they cheer and make appropriate comments which let Prue know in no uncertain terms that they find her body VERY sexually desirable!.

In panic, Prue immediately tries to cover herself up, but two of the lads instinctively grab her wrists and force them back against the chair,? above her head. Frightened now, she pleads with me to intervene but I'm sexually aroused by what I'm watching and once again I tell her they're only playing!. In truth, I'm not only aroused, but also scared in case they turn on me if I try to intervene. My inaction however only seems to give the lads a clear sign to go? further and, spurred on by my apparent consent, four of the lads restrain her firmly-but-gently by her wrists and ankles as the fith lad .... who is the youngest of them at just 16y.o. ..... forces her? dressing gown apart? fully to reveal her deliciously mature, naked body and I watch them as they? feast their eyes on her sexy, pale, fuckable mature body as each? studying her generously well thatched pubic bush.

As they continue to restrain her, the 16 y.o. lad looks over his shoulder at me and smiles as if to seek further 'approval' from me of what he is doing with my wife, and because I simply stare back without uttering a word, he realises he can become much more bold, and he immediately starts to use his fingers to explore her dark, hairy cuntslit with his young but very knowledgeable fingers,? causing my restrained wife to wriggle with total embarrassment and discomfort as she realises that her most intimate parts are being sexually examined by a young lad as other young men watch, and suddenly this makes her utter a harsh insult to his manhood as I hear her say ; “You bastard, you inadequate bastard !”.

At this, the lad takes offence and immediately stands up and starts to unzip his pants. I watch Prue’s face as she stares in anguish as he then unbuckles his belt before lowering his jeans and underpants to his knees to show her just how ‘adequate’ he is …. and from my position my heart sinks as I glimpse how big he is for a 16 year old boy !.? Again I watch Prue’s eyes as she sees that he is ENORMOUS .... much, much, MUCH bigger than her husband ...... even in its flaccid state he looks far bigger to her than her husband’s cock when fully erect !.? In fact, the young lad’s impressive penis is over 9 inches long and an unbelievable 8 inches in circumference when fully erect …… and Prue doesn't have to wait long to see it standing to attention for her.? But as she stares in disbelief at its size (the biggest cock she has EVER SEEN by miles !) I hear him instruct his young mates in how to "position her !" for him.

Excitedly, I then watch as the four lads forcibly pull my wife out of the armchair and roughly remove her dressing gown completely before carrying her over to the dining table where they drag her backwards onto the table, face up and with her soft, pale legs drapped down ove the table end.? Spread-eagled in this position? .... stark naked and sexually vulnerable ...... Prue has to watch as the 16 year old lad removes his jeans and underpants and then moves into position at the end of the table between her open, restrained legs.

"Please no, no !" begs my wife but she is helpless to resist as his she watches him holding his long, thick cock as he works his bulbous cockhead against her moist cuntslit,? and then ….. slowly and smoothly … he slips into her as my wife gasps loudly, her mouth wide open as she feels the biggest cock inside her she has ever known !.

The other lads egg-on their young mate as he starts to fuck my sexy, mature wife as I watch excitedly. Being well-hung he is confident and he strokes his big cock ‘in and out’ of her tight, mature vagina and making her pant and moan with sexual pleasure as, slowly-but-surely,? brings her to orgasm.

Prue has often claimed not to be interested in sex, but as he fucks her rhythmically she starts to appreciate just what a big cock can do inside a woman and how good it feels, and as he rapes her uncompromisingly she suddenly finds herself encouraging him, saying out loud ; "Oh God, you’re big .... Oh God, you're SO big !.”.

As I hear this my excitement rises, but equally my heart sinks as I find myself watching a young lad satisfying my wife and knowing that I can’t !.

My excitement and anguish grow as she contiues ; “Oh Christ, that cock feels SO good. Ohhhh, God, you're SO much bigger than my husband ... oh God, I’m cuming … I’m cuming …..fuck me ... fuck me !".

As he continues to rape-fuck her I watch my 54 y.o. sexually inexperienced wife being satisfied by a 16 y.o. lad ..... and even I'm taken aback as I hear her say to him ; "Cum inside me … I’m ready ….. please, cum inside me ... fill me with your lovely hot, creamy spunk!" .

The young lad is obviously proud of being able to satisfy my mature wife in this way and I realise he is goading me as I hear him say ; “Who do you prefer to fuck you Prue?.? Me, or your husband?”, …………? and once again my heart sinks as she blurts out ; “You, YOU!”.

Split seconds later and Prue gets exactly what she's previously begged for as he ejaculates a flood of hot, creamy spunk inside her, as she writhes uncontrollably in the throes of sexual ecstacy.

Once he has ‘fertilised’ her the young lad turns towards me and grins as I see him withdraw his huge cock from her … the shaft glistening with her cunt juice.

Now I feel shamefull and empty, but the lads haven’t finished with her yet and she is lifted off the table and immediately turned over and made to stand against the table, bent fully forwards over the table top with her deliciously ample breasts hanging down from her chest ..... and restrained in this position the other lads eagerly await their turn until each has taken her from behind …. the older lads raping her forcefully from behind as they lustfully stare at her sexy little bare bottom as their cockshafts slip in and out of her hole, satisfying her.

By this point, Prue is secretly enjoying every minute and every long inch of their young, stiff cockmeat and, as they continue to rape her over the course of the next 3-4 hours, it's quite clear from what she says by way of encouragement to them as they make her orgasm that this is what she has always needed in bed ….. young men with BIG cocks !. Sadly for me, I realise without any shadow of a doubt that these young studs have totally ‘spoiled her’ for me and that she'll never, EVER want sex ever again with her under-endowed, 55 y.o. husband for the rest of our married life.

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Taken By Two Boys: Home Rape Parts 1 and 2

Tim and Jeff had hated Billy for the longest time. Ever since grade school they looked down on him with nothing but scorn and envy. They were both bitter, hormonal teens, 13 and angry at the world. Since he was little, Billy had led a carefree, happy life.

His mother, Amy Robertson, an attractive woman in her mid 30s, walked him to school every morning. With her shapely behind, she attracted the attention of all the boys she walked passed, and a few teachers too. So innocent in nature, she failed to realize this. Tim thought she had great tits, and he was right. She had a pretty face and lovely flowing brown hair. She was about 5’11 and very well rounded.

As long as he could remember, Tim wanted to fuck her. Jeff also had an immense desire to have sex with her since the first time he saw her walk Billy to school. The two would regularly jack off to thoughts about her and often discussed fantasies of what they’d like to do to her. Tim and Jeff made it a habit to pick on Billy. They tormented him relentlessly but there was little he could do without substantial evidence. If he ever cried to the teacher, he would just dismiss it as schoolyard roughhousing, Tim and Jeff would take advantage of this and made sure not to leave any obvious bruises or wounds.

The nature of their bullying was often mental rather than physical. Soon this news got to Billy’s mother and father, who were obviously upset about these incidents. However, Tim and Jeff always got away without reprehension as they were just 13 years old. Billy, who was only 13, felt hopeless. It became more and more common for his mother to walk him to and from school to avoid bullying, much to Tim and Jeff’s delight.

Soon she could feel them stare her up and down as she waited for her son to come out of his lessons, and hated herself for being put in such a situation against her will. What else could she do if her son faced constant abuse?

Jeff loved every second of it.

“Holy shit dude, my cock gets rock hard every time I see that bitch.” He said, adjusting his boner and lying down on his bed. “Even thinking about her…”

“I know man,” Tim said, turning away from Jeff’s computer momentarily. “You see what she was wearing yesterday? What I wouldn’t give to bone her.”

Jeff sat up. “Tell me about it. I’d fuck her six ways from Sunday.” The two laughed.

“You know”, Jeff began.” Halloween’s just round the corner.”

Tim smirked. Every year the two would use it as an excuse to cause mischief and mayhem. He knew things were gonna be a little different this year. “All we have to do is find out where they live.” Said Jeff.

“Oh man, just thinking about it is making me hard. The things I’d love to do to that bitch.” It was hard to believe such words escaped the mouths of these two 13 year old teens, but they had always been perverted. Surely enough, the next day of school began and they cornered Billy.

“Hey Billy, how’s it going?” Jeff began, placing an arm on Billy’s shoulder. “A-Alright. Things are okay.”

“That’s good.” Tim reassured. “Say, where do you live Billy ol’ boy?” Jeff asked, leaning in, unable to conceal his smile at the thoughts in his mind.

“Just curious.” “Err… why do you want to know that?” Billy stammered out nervously.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Tim asked angrily. “Here we are, trying to be nice, and you have to give us shit. Just tell us where the fuck you live!”

“12 Roseway Street!” he yelled, terrified. “Good.” Jeff said, before kicking him to the stomach. Tim joined him, cackling as they did so.

That day, they followed him home from school to make sure. As ever, was his mother waiting for him at the front door. Tim and Jeff grinned at her perverted as she took Billy into her embrace, staring at them with false defiance. The truth is they made her nervous. She closed the door and told Billy not to hang around with them anymore. They hung around for a while, much to the terror of Billy. No siblings. No wonder Billy was so coddled.

They could see her husband through the window.

“What a wimp.” Jeff said. “If I was him I’d be banging her every minute of the day, but there he is reading the paper. Oh man she’s hot. Look at him, he’s just some scrawny old dude. We’ll be able to handle him easy.”

Now that they knew where she lived, they eagerly looked forward to Halloween. That would be their chance to get what they finally wanted. They were used to terrifying the local kids and vandalizing the houses of people who annoyed them but this year really was gonna be different. They headed straight over to Billy’s house. They knocked harshly three times.

“Trick or treat!” they said in unison.

“Well!” Came Billy’s mother’s reply, unable to recognize them. “Aren’t you big ghosts!” Tim laughed.

“Heh heh, that we certainly are.” She raised an eyebrow at this.

“Well, here you are.” She said, giving them an equal helping of candy each. She was wearing tight purple sweat pants that complimented her figure and especially her behind. It was apart of her costume – a genie, also wearing a frilly top that slightly showed off her cleavage.

“Oh no,” Jeff said. “We’re gonna need a LOT more than that to be convinced not to trick.” He started at her tits and made no attempt to hide it. This immediately made her feel uncomfortable.

“I think you two should go,” She said, trying to close the door. Jeff held it open.

“What’s the rush?” He said, stepping in. Tim followed. They grabbed her immediately and silenced any sounds she made with their hands. She was too shocked at this sudden intrusion to even do anything. Being teenage boys, their hands roamed elsewhere. Tim grabbed a handful of her shapely ass as the two pressed themselves up against her, pushing her back into her house.

“Holy shit dude, grab a feel of her ass. It’s just like I imagined.” Tim said.

“Her tits are great as well!” Jeff said excitedly, grabbing her with his free left hand as his right grabbed her other ass cheek. She was being utterly molested by these two boys. Tim grabbed her pussy roughly which made her yelp.

Billy heard this from upstairs but dismissed it as her simply tripping. She was terrified, here were these two teenage boys, forcing themselves into her home. Her husband was out with friends as he hated Halloween, not that he’d be able to help anyway, small in size and cowardly as he was.

Billy, too, was always quiet and afraid, she was always the one who did the fighting for him, and at this moment he was in his room on the computer. She had no idea what to do. Her head buzzed with terror as Tim and Jeff took off their masks. “Y-you!” She managed to stammer out. Jeff pulled her arm and dragged her into the living room.

They both took a seat on the couch.

“I want you to leave right now.” She said in hopeful defiance.

“Nah, I’d rather stay here for a bit.” Tim said, leaning back.

“W-what do you want?” She said. “Well you can start off by getting us something to drink.”

She couldn’t believe it herself when she began to walk to the kitchen to fetch something. She thought maybe if she just gave them a drink they’d quickly leave. As she went, Tim and Jeff smiled at each other trying not to laugh.

“She’s fucking terrified! She’ll do anything we want her to!” Tim said excitedly, already rubbing his cock at the thought. When she returned, Jeff smiled as he looked her up and down.

“Well, we want to work out a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” She asked.

“You know we pick on your son, right?” Jeff asked rhetorically. “What if I told you all of that could stop in an instance?”

Frowning, feigned courage, she considered.

“G-go on.” She said.

“All you have to do is do us a few favours.” Tim chimed in.

“Right”, said Jeff. “Just a few favours.”

“What kind of favours?” She asked.

“I think you know what kind.” Jeff said, confidently.

The realization then hit her. “Forget it!” She barked. This alerted her son. “I want you out of my house right now!”

This one sentence terrified Billy, but he crept downstairs instinctively anyway.

“Hey, hey, no need to shout.” Jeff said, putting his feet up on the table. “It’s not like you even have any choice. Hell, if I wanted I could fuck your pretty little face right now.” This one sentenced tied Billy’s stomach in knots. He couldn’t believe they were speaking to his mother this way. His mother was equally terrified. She was good at putting on a brave face but the truth is she couldn’t stand up to these two teenage boys.

“Why don’t you just make it easier on you and your son and just go down on me right now?” Jeff said, uncrossing his legs and widening them, rubbing his cock. She stood terrified. Tim smiled.

“Do it.” She still stood, frowning.

“And if I do this…” She began slowly. “You’ll leave my son alone?” She asked.

Billy couldn’t believe she was even considering it. He wanted to rush in there but he was simply too afraid. All he could do was helplessly watch.

“Yep.” Jeff said, knowing full well this was a lie. She reluctantly stepped forward.

“Hold on, bitch.” Jeff said. Her eyes widened at this change of tone.

“Strip down first. I don’t wanna get my dick sucked while you’re still fully clothed.”

She reluctantly began to slide off her pants.

“Actually. Do it sexily. Slowly. Bring your ass over here and grind it up against me.”

She kept her skin tight pants on and moved slowly over to him.

“Bend over.” He said, leaning back. “That’s right, bring your over hear and rub it on me cock.”

She slowly bent forward, her head buzzed with terror and she can't believe she was doing this. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh… That’s it. Rub your ass around slowly. I bet your dumbass husband doesn’t even get this kind of treatment.”

Tim couldn’t take it. He unzipped his pants and took out his 7 inch cock. He was quite big for a 13 year old. He pumped it up and down as he saw her submit to Jeff. He loved the idea of her being controlled. Jeff moaned in pleasure as her plump, soft ass massaged his cock and balls through his pants.

“Turn around. Take them off.” She did as she was instructed. She just wanted to get this over and done with. She could feel his cock before but she only got an idea of how big it was when she slid his pants down. He was pitching a huge tent through his underwear. She looked at it nervously. Billy couldn’t take anymore and ran downstairs into the room.

“Mom! Stop!” Jeff immediately stood up and began to batter Billy.

“Stop!” His mother Amy screamed.

“You really want me to stop?” Jeff said, standing above a bruised and crying Billy.

“I’ll do anything… “ She meekly said.

Tim and Jeff’s cocks both got rock? hard at this. This was their first experience of sex other than the porn movies they regularly watched. And the fact that it was from the mom of the kid they both most detested, and that she was the object of their desires, made them unbelievably hard.

“You can start by fetching something to tie this annoying shitstain up.” Jeff said, his pants around his ankles and his cock still sprung hard through his underwear. She slowly got up and began to walk over to the kitchen.

“But before you go…” She stopped in his tracks. Jeff forced her to her knees and began to rub his crotch against her face in plain view of Billy, who sat frozen in fear.

“Oh fuck yeah.” Jeff said, pumping against her. This carried on for a minute or so as he rubbed his crotch all over her soft face. “All right, bitch. Go get it.” He said, sending her off with a loud slap on the ass. Tim laughed.

“Go get some of your panties, too.” Tim said. She nodded and quickly went off. Jeff used this opportunity to lean in towards Billy.

“We’re gonna fuck your mom so hard…” He began. “…and make her beg for our cocks.” Tim laughed out. “The only reason I made her get her panties is so we can tie her up with them. And so I can jerk off to them later over this. How’s it feel knowing your mom’s gone to get something to tie you up and stop you from letting us fuck her?”

“If your dad comes home we’re gonna beat the shit out of him too. It’d get me off even more if he had to watch some kid fuck his wife right in front of him.”

Billy sat still, his head buzzing with terror and shame. Amy returned as Jeff kicked off his pants and trainers.

“All right.” He began. “Take off that lame costume.”

Billy could not believe what was happening. She couldn’t find any rope so duct tape would have to do. Tim tied Billy up in the corner of the room, in plain view of the couch as Jeff fondled his mom’s tits as she undressed. She got down to her bra and panties, hoping they’d want nothing more than a quick feel, but she knew this probably wasn’t true. She was too terrified of them not to comply. She would at least try not to be fully nude for the pleasure of these two boys.

“That’ll do for now.” Jeff said, sitting down and leaning back on the couch. “Come over here.”

“Oh god.” Billy thought, as he saw his mom stand there in nothing but her bra and panties. “It’s really happening.”

Her bra and panties were soft and silky, purple in colour. Jeff’s cocked jumped through his underwear at the sight of them. He loved the way they shined in the bright lights of the room. In the back of his mind, he still couldn’t believe he’d gotten this far.

“Who gets first dibs?” Tim asked. Amy was still afraid and confused at the way these boys were talking about her. The sudden change of situation and these teenage intruders in her home was still something she hadn't fully gotten used to. Somewhere in the back of her mind she kept telling herself that this was for everyone's best interests, as much as she hated it.

“I do.” Jeff replied. Tim, being a hormonal and horny teenage boy just as Jeff, frowned at this. But then, Jeff had done most of the leg work so far. He deserved first dibs.

“Wait a second.” Jeff said sternly, trying not to let his voice crack.

“Where the fuck are your panties?” Her eyes widened, she was hoping they were just mocking her. “Go get them you dumb slut.”

Billy moaned in despair through the duct tape covering his mouth as they verbally and physically abused his mother. He knew what was coming and did not want to see her tied up in her own panties, especially at the hands of these two. She hurried off up the stairs to get them as Jeff and Tim watched her ass jiggle with every step.

After a moment she returned shamefully with a handful of underwear. Still sitting back on the couch, he tied her hands up with a frilly white bra strap as he admired her body. He leaned forward over her right shoulder with a pair of her maroon panties in his right hand. He fondled her breasts with his left hand and sniffed her panties audibly in front of her. She just faced forward, doing her best to hold back tears and just wanting this whole ordeal to be over.

Jeff’s young exploring hands traced down over her stomach and to her crotch. She tried to close her legs but that just made him grab rougher. He stuffed the pair of panties in her mouth because he liked the way it looked. Soon he traced his fingers over her pussy slit.

“You seem quite tight. Doesn’t that dickweasel of a husband fuck you much? I wouldn’t be surprised if all you had to show for it was that loser over there.” Tim and Jeff both laughed. Tim still had his cock out but was enjoying himself with Amy’s underwear to get himself horny enough for when it was his turn.

“All right. Fuck, I’m ready to shoot such a thick load.” Jeff said, thrusting into her ass.

“Get up, turn around, get on your knees and get my cock out.”

She slowly got on her knees in front of him. Billy watched on in horror as she lowered her head to his crotch.

“Oh fuck.” He said. “Get your face here.” He pulled her down to the bulge erupting from his underwear. “Suck on it.” She wrapped her mouth around the bulge. She hated it.

“That’s it breathe on it.” Jeff was loving the feel of her mouth, He pulled the back of her head tightly into his crotch as he experienced this wonderful sensation. Amy could feel all the little cotton fibers on her tongue as well as the smell and feel of his cock,

“Give me a blowjob.” He said finally. “Shit. I forgot. Your hands are tied. Do it with your teeth.” He smiled devilishly. She still couldn’t believe this was happening. How did this 13 year old get the better of her? She tried in vain to pull his underwear down with her teeth but couldn’t quite get a hold. It was more like a sloppy kiss on the top of crotch which just ending up turning him on even more.

Billy could see the back of her head rubbing around his crotch. After a while Jeff couldn’t take it anymore and just pulled his underwear down. His cock sprung out finally and hit her in the face. She couldn’t hide her surprise at the size of it, much to Jeff’s pleasure. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her mouth onto it, gagging her.

“That’s it. Just suck on that cock.” For the next few minutes, Billy sat and watched as his mother bobbed her head up and down the cock of the 13 year old boy who bullied him at school. Jeff thrust his hips and cock into her face as leaned back on the couch. “Ohhhh yeahhhh…” At once he slid his fingers into her hair and grabbed her head, pushing it down onto his cock.

“Suck that shit!” He said as he pushed her head even further down his cock, until she gagged. Her nose was pushed right up against his developing pubic hair, forcing her to take in his smells. He leaned back enjoying the sensations as she continually bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm.

“The night’s just gonna get better from here…”

Right now, she was on her knees, hands tied in her own panties behind her back and was being blackmailed into pleasuring a 13 year old boy as he was coming. She bobbed her head up and down in steady rhythm along his 7 inch shaft perfectly under his control, as he gripped the side of her head and cupped her ears, pumping into her face enthusiastically.


"Awwww, Tim. You would not believe how soft and warm this little slut's mouth is." Jeff said, now lifting his hips from the sofa to fuck her face harder.


Tim moaned under his breath as he used the panties they instructed her to get for their pleasure and masturbated. "Fuck dude, hurry up with the slut..." All the while, Billy was watching this whole ordeal tied up to the corner of his room as he heard his mom slurp, gag and basically provide herself as an object against her will for the two 13 year olds who bullied him mercilessly at school.


Jeff had always been a perverted teenager and his cock at this moment had never been so hard in his entire life. Here he was, in another's man's house, fucking his wife in the face against her will as their son watched, The stupid bastard wasn't even home right now, Jeff wondered if the sap knew that at this moment in time his wife was gagging on the cock of some punk kid who beat his son's ass daily.


This thought got Jeff so hard his cock swelled even huger, gagging Amy's throat more and more by the second. He used this opportunity to move his left hand to her soft throat, and his right hand to the back of her head, gripping her sensual hair and securing her head even harder.


Amy felt as she was being lowered all the way to the base of his cock, her nose was being pushed right into his developing pubes and being forced to take in his sweaty teenage smells. He held her their for what seemed like an eternity and lifted his hips up from the couch and just rocked against her face, slowly gagging her. He held her tightly by the head and swirled his hips around.


"Ulk! Gughghulkh! Ummmmmmmgulk!!!" were all the sounds that Amy could make as Billy did his best to drown them out.


"Holy shit." Tim said, still holding a pair of her soft, sweet smelling shiny maroon panties and massaging his cock with them, masturbating enough to keep aroused but not to come too quick. He still had his turn with Billy's mom coming. "This is so fuckin' hot, dude." as he sat back, reclined continuing to massage his cock. He glanced over at BIlly who had tears in his eyes and this turned him on even more.


"You enjoying the show, Billy?" Tim said. "Check out the effort your mom's going through to suck Jeff's cock." Billy squealed as the truth hit him hard.


"Ughhhhk! Ugghhmmmmmmmmmmm! Ughhhlk!" Amy continued, as she kneeled there in front of the sofa and this boy, her hands tied behind her back in her own lacy bra strap, her ass jiggling along with her shiny purple laced panties that Jeff allowed her to keep on... for now.


Jeff was in pure ecstacy as his entire length was now in this woman's mouth. To think, this 13 year old teenager was getting more action from an older woman than most adults would get from a strip club.


"All right, bitch." Jeff said, trying to keep his commanding tone up despite his young voice. "Stick your tongue out, I can feel it at the bottom of my dick in your mouth. Stick your tongue out and lick my balls."




As Amy stuck her tongue out Jeff moaned in pleasure as she lapped over his balls. He pulled on her head and thrust his grip on her even deeper as sticking out her tongue forced his cock deeper down her throat and gagged her even more.


Jeff helped position and ordered her to tongue his balls as best she could. Jeff had no master plan on how he was going to torture or degrade her, all he knew was he liked the feeling. He was still just a horny teenager getting what he wanted, so far all he was really doing was using her face and mouth as a fuckhole and going deeper and deeper. Soon he realized that with every effort she made to tongue his balls caused her throat muscles to tighten, massaging his cock. The sensation was unbelievable.


Amy nostrils flared as her eyes widened and watered as she struggled for air. She knew Jeff was almost done though as his balls tightened and his cock grew stiffer, before she knew it he was shooting thick hot spurts of hot come all down her throat.


"Awwwwwwwwwwwww shit, dude..." was all he could say as he gripped her head and blew his loads into her.


She coughed and gagged onto his cock but he just enjoyed the sensations of warm air all over his cock and balls as he carried on shooting more loads into the mother of his bully victim, he'd never cum so hard or so much in his life. Soon he pulled out and shot more loads onto her face and smacked his cock against her lips.


"Hey dude, wait a sec!" Tim said. "I still want head from her. Don't ruin her face yet."


"Oh." Jeff said. "My bad." A smile came over his face as he rubbed his cock all over her face where he came. "I know how I can get rid of this." He collected all the cum deposits off her face with the head of his cock and his shaft, then looking at her smiling, he said "Clean the cum off my cock."


"Hurry up dude." Tim said, now getting impatient. He stood up and made his way over behind her, and threw her maroon panties at her son, who was still tied up in the corner. They landed right in front of him.


"Wait your turn, Tim." Jeff said seriously as Tim made his way over, his cock fully erect and twitching. Amy felt helpess, still on her knees in nothing but her panties as Jeff molested her tits as she was cleaning his cock.


Just then, a key turned in the door, and to everyone's surprise, Amy's husband stood with a complete look of shock on his face.


"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!?" He shouted more out of surprise than anger. Truth be told, his heart sank and he was actually terrified of these two intruders in his home, molesting his wife, even though they were teenagers. What surprised him even more was with how much gusto his wife was pleasuring the boy even though she was in such a submissive position. Everyone was shocked, and Jeff knew he had to act fast. He was glad he came, Tim was frustrated he hadn't blown his load yet.


With Jeff's clear head, Tim followed his lead toward her husband and restrained him. "No!" Amy cried. "Leave George alone!" Tim and Jeff both laughed. "If you guys leave... we won't call the cops! I promise!" George said, his voice breaking. It was exactly what Jeff wanted to hear. This guy was too much a pussy to do anything. Billy lost all hope there might have been for his Dad to save the day.


"Tim..." Jeff began, "I've finished with her, for now. You can get your dibs while I tie this fucker up." Tim devilshily smiled and as he walked over to Amy. She was still tied up in her own bra and panties, as Tim stood over her with his cock throbbing.

"You don't have to do this!" George said, as the teen forced him to his knees. Jeff began to unwrap some tape and restrained him in the same manner he did his son.


"Just look at what a huge pussy your husband is," Tim began, slowly thrusting in and out of Amy's mouth. "Just letting two kids bang his wife... what a loser." He made her look him square in the eyes as he mocked her. "Suck it properly, I ain't George over there." The boys both laughed, but to Amy's and everyone surprise, she did find her self sucking harder. Jeff was a little jealous that he had to give a face-fucking rather than get a blowjob, but what he had planned for her would more than make up for it.


“Awwwwwwwwww, man...!” George could do nothing but helplessly watch as this boy face fucked his wife. Worse still, he could see she was going along with it and still sucking him, she even gagged less now. Tim then slowed to enjoy it, then stopped altogether and shoved his cock deep down into her, his hands still clutched around her head, with her nose and face pushed up against his stomach. He loved the sensation of air he felt as she struggled to breathe through her nose.


Finally, giving a last few thrusts and grabbing her huge tits, he blew his load in her.


“Dude, we are definitely spending the night here.”


Those words hit George like a hammer and he felt that same dull, aching fear in his stomach he got whenever anyone talked shit to him. He couldn’t believe these two teenagers could make him feel this fear. Jeff, seeing this decided to get more kicks. Seeing Amy slumped on the floor, naked saved for his silky panties and with her arms tied behind her back made Jeff hard again.


“Hey, Billy’s mom. Get here and suck me some more.”


Jeff was standing no more than a few inches from her husband who was tied up. Amy was almost mad at George for not being able to protect her or his son, and in a small way... almost wanted to suck his cock to spite him. Before she knew it, there she was sucking his teenage cock right in front of George. He closed his eyes, but then Jeff ordered her to suck so hard she made slurping sounds. Degrading as it was, she had no choice but to comply.


“Fuck dude, even though this bitch has got a hot mouth...” Jeff said, letting her mouth slide up and down his cock while playing with her tits. “I wanna fuck her now... I think I’m ready...”


Tim was sat on George’s couch drinking his beer and watching his wife get molested by Jeff. He was enjoying the show with her used panties and bra in his hand, enjoying her womanly smells. He’d only just shot his load and he’d be held over until Jeff has his turn.


“It’s not too late for you guys to stop this... Please... stop.”

“Shut the fuck up, I’m gonna bang your wife so hard she screams.” Jeff stood her up and played her ass and tits. “I still can’t believe hot how she is...” he said, grabbing and stroking her soft, curvy body and especially plump round ass. Through her panties it feeled amazing.


“Holy shit! She’s even a little wet!” Jeff said, putting his hand down her panties, she tried to close her legs but with both hands tied and little balance all she could do was try and bend out of the way. Jeff put his finger near George’s face so he could smell for himself.


“Hehe... you don’t even get to watch... upstairs to the bedroom, bitch.” George watched in silent fear as his wife walked slowly up the stairs closely followed by the bully of his son. Tim walked over and taped George’s mouth shut.


“Can’t have you ruining our fun with your yelling.” He said, plopping back onto the couch and taking another swig of beer.


Upstairs Jeff threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her. After sucking her tits and groping her for a while he pretty much just followed what he had seen in porn, as well as with his own perverted compulsions. He rubbed his dick and balls all over her tits and face. He dry humped against her ass just because he liked the sensation, and every time she resisted he would remind her that this was to end the bullying of her son.


“Heh... like that pussy tied up downstairs right now even deserves you...” He said, fucking her face as she lay on the bed. His thrusts were so deep the bed would hit the wall, which no doubt George could hear downstairs. The worst part was she found herself agreeing with what Jeff was saying.


Finally, Jeff turned her around and entered her from behind. As he slid his cock into her hot, wet pussy he was surprised.


“Holy shit you’re tight... your husband must have a pretty tiny dick, huh?”


She couldn’t help but moan as he pinned her down and Jeff’s mouth hung open in pleasure. As he thrusted in and out of her, her soft ass was cushioning his thighs and groin, fucking he was incredible. He picked up the pace to the point they were making smacking noises. This big cock ravaging her like that made her moan so loud George and Tim could hear it downstairs.


“Looks like they’re having, fun...” Tim said mockingly. “I think I might just go in and join in...”

To be continued...

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The Kidnapping of Justin Timberlake Pt.1

So now you get the picture of what we were all like. We never had problems getting dates or anything, just getting that one impossible date with Justin Timberlake.

To be honest I never liked Justin's music much, but his curly hair and gorgeous smile always gave me a funny feeling between my legs. It was so awful, I was so obsessed with Mr. Timberlake.

That Friday night,we stood outside for about an hour waiting to get in. We were mostly surrounded by little thirteen year old squealing little girls who probably had the same fantasies we did about Justin but who were too young to come up with a kidnapping scheme like we did.

The concert lasted almost about two hours. Mr. Timberlakes performance was so sexy. I couldn't sing along to his songs of course because I never paid much attention to the lyrics. I just stared at him as he wore these sexy ass leather pants and white top slightly unbuttoned. I loved the way his sweet innocent looking face looked that night. I had to get his man in my house or I was going to lose my mind! Luckily that weekend my parents were going to be in Hawaii and I'd have the house to myself! It was just too perfect.

After the concert as we were walking out I saw a guy we'd gone to highschool with named Tony. He was working as a roadie. I just had to ask him where Mr. Timberlake would be staying at. Luckily thanks to Tony, we discovered he'd be staying at a luxurious hotel downtown.

The three of us quickly got into my car and we drove to the hotel anxiously waiting to get a closer glimpse of Mr. Timberlake. In a way it felt like such a rush to be able to maybe kidnap such a babe, but then in other ways it felt a bit childish. I mean here we were three 21 year olds chasing a teen heartthrob.

We arrived at the hotel around midnight. We could see limos, fancy cars and of course the tour bus parked. We knew Justin was there. Now the plan was to know what room he was in and kidnap him! I opened the glove compartment and pulled out my gun. It was actually my fathers gun but he had no idea I'd "borrowed" it. We all walked in nervously pretending to check into a room. We came across a cute bellboy who had to be no older than eighteen. His shaggy blonde hair almost covered his eyes. I decided to let Christina take over this one.

"Now remember, go over and offer him anything." I ordered to Christina.

"Ok I got ya, so blowjob, fuck, or whatever right? Ah but no anal!" She hissed.

I nodded and Priscilla just laughed.

I watched Christina walk over to the cute bell boy. I could see her flirting with him like crazy. I began to discuss my further plans with Prissy and all of a sudden Christina was gone. I'm sure she was doing everything she could to get Mr. Timberlakes room number.

It was almost an hour until Christina got back. She looked refreshed, not tired at all. She quickly walked back to us with her long blonde hair just bouncing behind her. I just kept hoping that she'd managed to get the room number.

"Ah, well that was some nice tasting cum." She said as she approached us.

"You actually went down on him?" Asked Priscilla shockingly.

"Yes! Tell me that he gave you the room number" I asked impatiently.

Christina just gave me that look. The look of accomplishment! I gave her a huge hug and we decided to take the elevator to Justin's room. He was staying way at the top, in the penthouse. We finally got up there and my heart was just pounding away! My knees felt weak and my mouth was dry. I had no idea what I'd say to Mr. Timberlake. I handed the gun to Priscilla and took a deep breath.

"Ok, I'm gonna knock on the door and you two stay back there. I'll give you the signal to come closer when the time is right." I told my friends as I got closer to the door.

Christina and Priscilla stood a few feet away and gave me a thumbs up. I knocked nervously on the door and was expecting to have a body guard or someone else open the door. I was in total shock when Justin Timberlake opened the door! He was wearing nothing but his cute flannel boxer shorts and a white T-shirt! I was speechless for a moment.

He began to give me that gorgeous smile I had been drooling about all these years. "Yes? Can I help you?" He asked in a sincere tone. I felt so dumb just standing there not saying a word. "Are you ok?" He asked trying to get at least one word out of me.

"I-I-I'm one of your biggest fans." I stammered.

He raised his eyebrows and shook his head in disbelief. "you know I get tons of girls who say that to me. Now what makes you so special baby?" He asked in a cocky tone. I couldn't believe my ears! What a jerk! After I had made the sacrifice and made one of my best friends sacrifice to get his stupid room number, this guy was being a dick to me. At that moment, I no longer felt flushed or shy. I quickly gave my best friends the signal to come help me.

His eyes widened as he saw my two best friends standing there behind me. His eyes quickly moved towards Priscilla who held the gun at him. I narrowed my eyes to him. "Ok Mr. Timberlake it's time for you go with us."

Christina grabbed his arm and pulled him out the room. Justin stumbled on to the floor. He looked up at us in anger. "You bitches aren't gonna get away with this!" We all laughed in unison. What a stupid guy to be talking to us like that.

"Prissy here, give me the gun and go in the room to get him some pants. We'll have to walk him out and he's gotta look a little decent." I said pointing the gun to Justin.

Justin just looked so shocked and mortified. He stood there in his boxers and T-shirt looking a bit stoned.

"Hey Christy, go check if Justin has any more weed in that room. We're kidnapping him so we're gonna celebrate with a bang!" I said excitedly.

Christina went in the room as well and I just stood out there holding the gun to Justin. I felt so wicked and so powerful at that moment. He couldn't take his hateful eyes off of me. I was loving every minute of it!

A few minutes later Priscilla came out holding a pair of blue jeans, white socks and a pair of black doc marten boots. I quickly ordered Justin to move towards the room and to get dressed quickly. We didn't have much more time before maybe someone he knew would discover he wasn't there.

He nervously stumbled as he got dressed. His hands were shaking a bit the whole time. Christina then came out with a big bag of weed. She gave me an evil smile and waved the bag in my face.

"Ha! I knew he had to have some good stuff. This smells like that really expensive stuff Jessy." Christina said as she smelled the weed.

I couldn't believe it. Justin looked so innocent and sweet but deep down he was wild. I never imagined him smoking weed. He probably did cocaine and acid and God knows what other drugs.

Finally Justin was all dressed. "Ok now move it. Don't make a worked cuz I'll shoot your brains out." I commanded as he slowly moved towards the door.

We closed his room door and we moved on to the elevator. I Kept my gun to his back as he stood in front of me. He was a lot taller than me and he smelled really nice. His cologne smell filled all inside the elevator. I kept watching nervously as we began to get to the lobby. I kept wishing Mr. Timberlake would make no sudden moves. I don't think I would have the heart to shoot him.

We got to the lobby and we all quickly tried to pass the lobby clerk. "Good night Mr. timberlake." Called out the clerk as Justin passed by with all three of us surrounding him. Justin just waved at him and kept his gaze forward. The clerk probably thought Justin was taking us out for the night. Little did he know we were taking him out!
We managed to get Justin all the way into the parking lot and into my car. Priscilla and Christina sat in the back with Justin. Christina was the was holding the gun and Priscilla went ahead and tied Mr. Timberlakes hands with some rope.
I drove home nervously thinking how I was going to keep Justin in my house without anyone finding out. I didn't know exactly what I wanted from Justin besides sex. I didn't care for having his money. I didn't want to become famous for this either. I just wanted him. His cock between my legs.
We got to my house a little past 2:00 a.m. that morning. We walked Mr. timberlake up to my bedroom and I went downstairs to get some more rope to tie him down. I couldn't find any rope so I just snuck out some of my mom's silk scarfs.

I went back upstairs to find Christina with her hands all over Justin! I felt furious but I knew I had to calm down. christina was one of my best friends and I had to accept the fact that we'd be sharing Mr. Timberlake this weekend.

I cleared my throat and Christina just jumped up startled. "I see your having a good time already." I said to Christina.

"Well, what do you expect? He's hot!"

Prissy just stood there holding the gun and smiling. I walked closer to Justin and ordered him to take off his shirt. He slowly peeled off his t-shirt showing me his sexy body. He still had that look of an innocent teenage boy.

"Mmmm," was all I could say. I looked him up and down. His face was turning a bit of a red color. Priscilla then ordered him to take off his shoes and socks. He looked at her and then at me with vengeful eyes. He sat on the bed taking off his shoes and socks. I knew that soon his pants would need to come off as well and I couldn't wait!

"Ok sweetheart, now take off them pants but leave your boxers on." I heard Christina comand.

Justin sighed in frustration. "Come on now! This is humiliating enough. Please just tell me how much money you want from me."

I just rolled my eyes at him. "We don't want your money. What do you think we are just some money hungry ho's?"

Christina laughed and responded, "No We are just ho's!"

I couldn't help but laugh hysterically at her comment. Mr. Timberlake didn't understand that we wanted him for sex that's all. I couldn't wait to see what his cock looked like. I kept wondering if it was big, fat and juicy!

Justin continued to take off his jeans and threw them on the floor very livid. He layed on the bed with his flannel boxers and nothing else. I passed one scarf to Christina and I took the other one. We tied his hands to the the headboard. Priscilla just watched in satisfaction as she kept holding the gun making sure Mr. Timberlake didn't make one sudden move.

Finally we had his hands tied up but now we need to tie his feet to the footboard. I pulled out two more scarfs and Christina and I finished the job. There we had him. Mr. Justin Timberlake my bed all tied up so helpless! It was incredibly erotic.

"Ok, so who gets to fuck him first?" Asked Priscilla anxiously.

Christina disagreed. "How about we blow him first?"

Christina was always about blowjobs. She loved going down on hot guys. I didn't blame her for wanting to go down on Justin. Hell I've wanted to blow him since the first day I saw him.

"I'm with Christina on that one!" I said with glee.

Justin looked even more frightened than ever before. The three of us gathered around my big bed and surrounded Justin's cock. I sat between his legs and Christina was one his left and Priscilla on his right. I was the first to rub my hand on his cock over his boxers. He jolted a little as my hand gently smoothed over his cock. He felt so big and he was still soft.

I proceeded to pull his soft cock out and was amazed at his length. He had to be at least 5 inches soft! My mouth watered as I wondered how big he'd turn when he got hard. I pulled his boxers down to his thighs. He looked so hot! He'd shaved all his pubes off and his cock was such an enchanting color of pink.

I began to rub his cock slowly watching him begin to close his eyes. He was liking it! I began to put my mouth on his soft cock and little by little I was running my lips back and forth on Justin's cock.

I heard him sigh hard for a moment. I felt his cock begin to harden in my mouth. Small drops of precum tingled on my tongue. He tasted so sweet. It was just incredible sucking him. I looked up at my friends with pride showing them how I'd made Justin's cock so hard.

Priscilla's eyes widened. "Oh shit what a nice cock!"

Christina just chuckled a bit. "I had no idea you were so big Justin!"

I handed Christina Justin's cock like a toy and invited her to suck on it. Christina's big lips wrapped tightly around Justin's cock. I saw Justin begin to arch his back. He kept trying not to moan. He tried so hard to keep us from knowing how turned on he was.

Christina was sucking now harder letting all her saliva ooze down Justin's cock. Priscilla and I watched Justin's cock and how his balls were so swollen so full of cum!

"Ok it's my turn now!" Priscilla said grabbing Justin's cock out of Christina's mouth.

"Hey! I was just getting started!" Christina hissed.

"That's enough! We are going to share him so both of u just calm down. There is plenty of cock for all of us." I said trying to prevent my friends from fighting.

Christina went ahead and let Priscilla begin to suck off Justin. She licked his hard cock up and down first and sucked off the rest of his precum. Justin was now letting his moans be heard.

"Oooh you like that don't you?" Christina said gabbing Justins balls.

"Fuck you bitches. OH fuck you all." Justin was furious but loving three girls suck him off.

"Don't worry you bastard. We are going to fuck you. That will come later." I yelled at him.

Priscilla was now going crazy on Justin's prick. She suddenly stopped and offered me Justin's cock for the finish off. I stuck his cock all the way in my mouth savoring his precum. His veiny cock reached the back of my throat. Christina and Priscilla began to take turns sucking on his big balls.

I felt Justin begin to squirm around as he tried to prevent himself from cumming. I knew the fucker couldn't stop himself. I felt a hard shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. I quickly pulled it out of my mouth as I began to jack him off.

"Hurry he's cumming!" I said to my friends.

Christina and Priscilla quickly put their faces next to Justin's cock. He began to squirt all his gooey cum on our faces and lips. We all stuck out our tongues trying to catch as much cum as we could.

"Uhhhh-fuck!" Justin yelped as he came.

It was all so sensual. I couln't believe I'd just swallowed Justin Timberlakes cum! It was a fantasy now turning into reality.

"You cunts are going to pay for this!" Justin threatned.

All three of us just laughed at Justin with our faces covered with his cum. His cock was now softening again but still throbbing. I knew he wanted more. It was late that night I was tired and so were my friends. Priscilla put Justin's cock back in his boxers and lightly patted his cock. "Mmmm nice cock Mr. Timberlake." she told him playfully.

"Fuck you stupid bitch." Justin said to my friend.

I got up angirly and slapped him across his face. His cheek turned bright red. "Didn't your mother teach you to respect girls?" I said with a wicked laugh.

His eyes now filled with outrage. "Fuck all of you! I hope you all get what you deserve."

Christina grabbed his cock hard making him squeal like a little bitch. "Oh don't worry we will get what we want and what we deserve you stupid asshole."

The three of us couldn't stop laughing. It felt so powerful being able to control a man. We let Justin just lay there speechless. He looked so tired. We decided to dim the lights and We'd take turns at night watching him. It was time to head for bed and we left Christina to watch him first.

I couln't really sleep. I just kept hoping we wouldn't get caught. I had to come up with a plan to blackmail Mr. Timberlake so he'd keep his mouth shut. Maybe video tape him fucking us? Nah, he'd proably enjoy showing everyone that tape. I had to come up with a plan and I knew my friends would help me.

Tomorrow would be another day and it would also be the day we fuck Justin. My heart raced just thinking of how his huge cock would feel inside me. I hated Justin now for being such a disrespectful asshole but fuck, he was hot! I saw how Priscilla kept tossing and turning. I'm sure she too had a plan.

to be continued.....

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Work Experience

The day had gone well, it was 5:00 pm, we were into the last hour, Pete (the regular worker who was checking me each hour) had just left, saying “meet you in the briefing room at six”. As this was my last day I was going down the local pub to have a drink with a gang of the workers, and we were meeting at 6:00 pm when the zoo closed. All that was left for me to do to finish the day was to put the food that I had prepared into the empty indoor enclosure. At 5:30 a bell would sound to tell the visitors to the zoo that we were due to close and that was also the signal to open the door from the outside enclosure, to the inside. The animals got used to this signal, and as soon as they heard the bell they would automatically make there way inside to get to the food. Once counted in, I had to collect the water bowls from the outside enclosure, put them into soak overnight, and I was out of here.

There was always a rush to get to the three showers in the women’s changing rooms, and it could sometimes be 6:30 before you got your turn. I wanted to be away on time tonight, so I had worked out a plan to beat the rush. I had put the food ready in the inside enclosure, and I had fifteen minutes until I had to let the baboons in. My last job of collecting the bowls would not get me messed up or smelly, so off I dashed to the showers. I hurriedly had a shower, got dried, put on my clean bra, I was searching in my bag for my knickers when I heard the feeding bell. I thought, “Blow it I’ll get my knickers when I come back”, grabbing the nearest clean overall coat, I put it on and ran back to the baboon house.

I dashed through the food preparation room into the area where the enclosure doors are operated from; the baboons were crowded around the door fighting each other to get in and they were all getting very agitated. I pressed the gate open button and started counting them in, they were coming in in such a rush that counting was impossible, and even when inside they were chasing around wildly, so I just give up counting, assumed they must all be in, and closed the ape’s enclosure door.

I now opened my door from the feeding room to the enclosure, and went outside, closing the door and wedged it with a log. Now this door had a very complicated locking system to prevent the baboons from opening it from the outside enclosure. The problem was that it was too complicated, and so difficult to open that the permanent keeper that I had been working with, didn’t bother to use it. He had showed me how to wedge a wooden log between the outside wall and the door, as he said “you aren’t going to be out here if the baboons are in the enclosure, so why they bother with that stupid lock beat me”.

I ran across the enclosure gathering the drinking bowls, the overall coat that I had grabbed wasn’t mine and was about ten sizes too big. It bellowed in the slight breeze like a tent as I ran, and the draught reminded me that I hadn’t got any knickers or skirt on under the coat. I picked up the last bowl, turned around to return to the feeding room, and what I saw froze me to the spot. Halfway across the enclosure were two adolescent males, coming towards me at full speed. I dropped the bowls and ran, not to anywhere, just away from the apes. Next second I was rolling across the ground, where one of the baboons had bounded onto my back and knocked me flying. He was coming at me again, I curled into a ball. THUD. I was sent bowling over again.

“GET INTO THE SUBMISSIVE POSITION. QUICKLY BEFORE HE HITS YOU AGAIN”, one of the keepers was shouting at me from the fence at the outside of the enclosure. “The submissive position” I thought. Yes we were told about this on our first day, but I never thought I would ever put it into practice. If being attacked, don’t run under any circumstances; always go down on your knees, head and shoulders to the floor, with elbows tucked in and hands on the back of the head. This is the position that all apes use to signal that they are yielding to a superior, and are no threat to him. It normally calms down the aggressor, and ends any attack.

THUD. Again I was bowling over, but this time I rolled into the other baboon, who lashed out, ripping my coat open. I rolled up onto my knees, got my head right down and clasped my hands around the back of my head as tight as possible. One baboon came across and punched me in the side of my ribs. It winded me, but I managed to stay in the kneeling position, with my bottom up. The baboons were suddenly calmed down, and now just seamed inquisitive, poking, sniffing and prodding me. I could hear the keeper on the outside of the enclosure shouting for someone to get the tranquiliser gun, and for others to go around to the enclosure entrance to divert the baboon’s attention.

It was a long way to run to get the gun from the main office where it was kept, and then back around the enclosure to the entrance, where I had wedged the log. They weren’t going to know until they got there, that they couldn’t get in, and this would take at least another four or five minutes. Meanwhile, my ripped overall coat gave the baboons, and the now gathering crowd, clear visibility of my lower end. The baboons were squabbling over who was the main man out of the two of them. Normally the big dominant male wouldn’t let either of them get anywhere near any female, but he was now locked in the inside enclosure. They must have realised that I was female, by there prodding and sniffing, and as I looked back under my own body, I could see both of them had pink pricks sticking out of their sheaths. One grabbed my leg and pulled me sideways, I didn’t fall, but before I could bring my other leg across to close the gap, the other baboon was on my back.

I had thought that I had seen a little pink prick sticking out, but within seconds it was growing inside me, as he pounded away. I was a true virgin, and this was a rude awakening. He was ramming me like it was his first fuck, and all his birthdays had come at once. I was in extreme pain, but that didn’t stop me getting aroused. I hadn’t got a clue what to expect, but feelings were welling up inside me, and my cries of pain were turning into cries or gasps of pleasure. In no time at all, I felt his hot cum squirting inside, he slipped out still squirting all over, as he run around like an excited child. I didn’t know what an orgasm was, so I didn’t know I hadn’t had one. I was still gasping and moaning, when baboon number two got mounted, it went in easer, and although just as big, this time there was less pain, and the pleasure started immediately, I was soon pushing back onto him as fast as he was thrusting into me. When I felt his hot load pumping up, I was treated to my first orgasm, how do you describe it. There isn’t anything that I have experienced, either before or since that you can compare it to. All I know is that as he slipped out of my cunt, I rolled over and over writhing about uncontrollably.

Big mistake, as quickly as they had previously calmed down, they now got aggressive again. One of them grabbed hold of me by the sleeve of my coat, dragging me across the ground, ripping my overall into two, and leaving me with only one arm in a sleeve of half an overall. I quickly got back into the submissive position, with my bum up in the air, and was instantly mounted, by which one I don’t know (not that it matters). I was obviously getting used to this by now, as I was soon pumping in unison with him.
“TRY YOUR BEST TO KEEP AS STILL AS POSIBLE. I’M GOING TO TRY TO TRANQUILISE HIM”, I could hear the keepers voice shouting from the perimeter fence. I looked across; he was stood at the top of a ladder leaned against the fence with a rifle in his hands. I froze, praying that he would hit the baboon and not me.

WHACK. The dart thudded into the baboon, he let out a yelp. But it didn’t stop him fucking, and he kept pumping away as though nothing had happened, and it was lasting a lot longer this time. Then I heard another WHACK. This time it was the other baboon that yelped, as he scampered away across the enclosure. Back to my baboon, who was still going strong, fucking away as if the dart was have no effect. I could now tell the signs, and knew I was building for another rush of emotion and spasms. I wasn’t disappointed; the ape shot his second load and I arched my back high as he pumped the fluid up deep into my virgin cunt. His motion stopped, and I felt a dead weight bearing down on me, I collapsed to the floor face down, with him still inside. His prick was gradually shrinking and slipping up, when I felt him being lifted off me by two keepers who had scaled the fence, using ladders.

I was carried back inside, placed on a stretcher, a blanket draped over me, and carried to the medical room. In the medical room, I was examined by three of the head keepers, all of them male, only one of which was responsible for first aid. They had my legs wide open as they poked and prodded, and eventually they cleaned me up. I was then read the riot act, and told how lucky I had been, they could have ripped you to shreds, “you’re lucky you weren’t killed. You know you should NEVER go into the enclosure until ever one of the baboons have been counted into the inside enclosure. And what do you think you were doing wedging the door; there was no way we could get in to rescue you. And lastly you were told the zoo rules about underwear, when not wearing jeans, I can’t imagine what you were playing at, no wonder they got aroused, you know they got an acute sense of smell”.

They were right, it had been explained to me that you count the baboons back inside to make sure the enclosure is empty.
The wedging the door open, was as I’ve already said, was not my idea, but they didn’t want to hear that.
And we were told that it is preferred that even female staff wear jeans, but if skirts or overall coats are worn without skirts then the zoo provide special knickers made in a tough material, with elastic round the legs. Definitely not sexy, very rough on the skin, and they made you sweat. In the hot weather most of the girls just wore the overall coat over their bra and knickers, otherwise it was too hot. None of them ever wore the special knickers that were provided. The reason had tactfully been explained when I first started at the zoo, they said that when working with chimps and some of the less aggressive monkeys, it prevented accidental injuries caused by them when they were being playful as they swung their long arms about.

In short it the keepers said it was entirely my fault and I could even be prosecuted for not following the safety procedures. They said they may even have to bill my parents for the value of the two baboons if they don’t recover from the anaesthetic. With this on me record I had no chance of a job, here or any where else. I kept saying how sorry I was and asked if there was anything I could do to put things right. Well I suppose your young, and you’ve learned your lesson. Up until this mistake you’ve shown a lot off promise, and it would be a pity to spoil such a promising career. It we were to keep it quiet and not report your mistakes, we would all be in trouble if anyone finds out.
“What are you prepared to do to make it worth our while”?

It was obvious that they were all aroused by what they had just witnessed, and giving me an examination hadn’t helped.
“What do you mean”? I asked.
“Well what about a little feel?” said one man.
“I thought that what you just done to me” I said.
“You’re not very cooperative are you? We might as well make the report out now” he snapped.
“No don’t do that, I’ll lay back and let you play with me” I said apologetically, they’d been poking around already, so I didn’t think it was worth making a fuss about.
There were hands all over me, and I was soon getting aroused by the man playing with my clit, I started lifting, arching my back laid there with my eyes closed. I felt great, and I couldn’t disguise the fact, then someone lifted my legs high and wide felt something entering my cunt, and it wasn’t a finger. One of the men had lowered his trousers, and he was up on the examination couch with me, once his knob end was in he pushed his hard prick up in one thrust. This was my first experience of fucking in this position, and being laid on a comfortable couch, this was starting to become enjoyable. He was a man of about forty-five, and physically quite fit, he was in no hurry, and his strokes were slow and long. I lifted with each of his strokes, and each time we met I felt his balls slapping my arse, I realised I was moaning out loud, and one of the other keepers was fondling my tits.

The other keeper climbed onto the head of the couch, and knelt over my face, pushing his prick towards my mouth. “Come on luv, give this a suck”, he said as he pushed it hard against my lips, I reluctantly opened my mouth, and sucked like I was told. Once again, this like the fucking was quite pleasurable once I got used to it. I could taste some liquid seeping from his dick, it tasted almost sweet. I thought, it doesn’t taste like piss, and he can’t be cumming yet, I had never heard of pre-cum, but that’s what it was. Every few strokes he would thrust hard pushing it into my throat, and making me gasp for breath. My other lover was still lunging away at my cunt, and I was responding to every movement. I got used to timing my breaths to just before the prick blocked my windpipe, and this enabled him to push deeper.

“My god she’s swallowing my dick right down here throat. I’ve never seen anyone take this much before. I’m cumming already, oh god! AH AHH. Oh Jesus, that that was fucking unbelievable. She’s a fucking natural”, and at that he pulled out. Now while he’d been giving his speech, his prick had been going deeper, and when he shot his load, it wasn’t a case of me swallowing it, it was shot straight down my throat into my belly. The trouble was while he was shooting he kept it in my throat, and I almost passed out through lack of breath. As he pulled out I coughed like a person just taking their first breath after being saved from drowning. Being taken this close to blacking out is a strange sensation, and although the rest of my body was limp, my hips had continued thrusting away as if on auto pilot. I could suddenly feel my cunt flooding with fluid, and contracting in a spasmodic and uncontrollable way. My lover was simultaneously injecting his liquid up deep inside.

He pulled out and stood there watching me writing about. The keeper who had up to now only been feeling my tits, climbed onto the couch, lay down beside me, and rolled me over on top of him. My legs dropped either side of his body, and he slid me down onto his dick. He started by holding me around the waist and lifting me up and down was using my cunt like a wanking glove. Gradually, I regained my consciousness, and I took over lifting up and down to get the longest stroke I could without letting it slip out. Someone was fingering my arse; using the slimy cum from around my cunt to aid his finger that he was poking deep into me. Now he was using two fingers, god that hurt, but in no time he’d stopped and pulled them out.

Now what? No he wouldn’t. AHG! He was. He was forcing his prick up my arse, whilst I already had another prick up my cunt! I though my flesh was being ripped apart. But it appears that the female body must be designed to take this kind of abuse, because within five minutes I was experiencing as much pleasure as I was pain. The prick was still pushing deep up into my bowels, and the pain was still making me wince, but there was this overwhelming volcano building deep in the pit of my stomach, and I couldn’t control my body movements. I was giving out cries, whelps, groans and all manner of animal like noises, so much so that the spare keeper held a towel over my mouth to deaden the noise. The climax was coming, and all three of us could sense it, they were both pumping in unison, and there strokes were getting faster.

Then the spunk started pumping, I could feel it warm up my arse. The spunk in my cunt was met with a rush of fluid from deep within, that forced its way passed the prick and sprayed over his balls, and then a sudden contraction, that squeezed another shot out of his prick. My arse now had a contraction, squeezing the other mans prick, as if my cunt was showing it how to react. These contractions, arse and cunt continued well after the man had pulled out of my arse, and I had been pushed off and aside by my other stud. I lay there convulsing uncontrollably, with all three men looking on and making crude remarks.

I was cleaned up and told to meet them at 7:00 pm the next day at the Cross Keys (this was a pub in one of the local villages). I promised I would, but I never intended to keep that promise, and I never did. They gave me an overall coat to wear, and they walked me back to the women’s changing room, where they left me saying “see you tomorrow, don’t be late”. I thought to myself, “Fuck you! You’re not seeing me or my arse again”! The changing room was empty, as it was now getting on for 7:00 pm I found my bag of clothes, my knickers were there all the time, but being little skimpy ones I had missed them tucked into to sleeve of my blouse. I was soon dressed, and made my way out of the zoo, as I passed the briefing room, the light was on, and I could see three of the lads inside. I thought, that’s kind they’ve waited for me.

As I opened the door they all got up and rushed across asking was I alright now. I didn’t know whether they’d all seen my performance with the baboon, or just heard about it, but they all seemed genuinely concerned. Nobody made any rude remarks, or tried to blame me, not like the keepers. They asked if I felt up to going out for a drink, or did I want taking straight home. I needed a drink, so what the hell, “Come on lads get me drunk, it’s been a hell of day”.

The evening in the pub went well, we were soon laughing and joking and the day’s event was almost blanked out of my mind. I was being plied with booze, as fast as they could get me to drink it. After about an hour I was loosening up and the lads were taking it in turns to pull me into the corner of the booth and snog (kiss) me. This was quite ok with me, we were in public and I knew that kissing was all they could get away with in here.
“YOU LOT CAN DRINK UP AND GET, AND TAKE THAT TART WITH YOU. YOUR’E UPSETTING MY REGULARS. THIS AINT A KNOCKING SHOP (Brothel).”, this was the pub land lord, and he was angry. The lads drank up, helped me to my feet, I was by now not very steady, and we all got in the car.

“Where can we take her”? Said Pete.
“Just take me straight home now, thanks ever so much. I’ve had a great night, you don’t know just how much I needed that drink tonight”, I replied.
“You ain’t going home yet darling; surely you want to show us how grateful you are”?
I could tell by the way they were looking at me that wanted more than just a kiss and a cuddle, so I said, “I’ll let you all have a snog, and a feel of my tits on the way home if you want”.
“Let’s take here to Giles’s barn”, said one of the lads. They all agreed with that idea, and despite my protests, we were soon puling up at the entrance to a deserted barn in the corner of a field.

I was led in, there were no lights, and I was soon handling their pricks and being encouraged to take them in my mouth. I was being stripped; someone was removing my blouse, whilst another was taking down my skirt. I was going to get fucked, and I thought I might as well get it over with as quick as possible. They laid me down on my back, and as the first one was about to get stuck up, I said “If you want to lay on your back, I’ll get on top and fuck you, that way Garry can fuck my arse at the same time. And Jim can use my mouth”.

They were stunned for about two seconds, and then they got organised. We were soon all in position, and I was once more fucking away. The drink had loosened my inhabitations, and my libido was in overdrive. Although they were all two years older than me, they weren’t very experienced, and I led them all the way. Not to say that they didn’t give me a good time, but they all cum their load in what seemed like seconds, before I had chance to get into my stride. So I was soon into second helpings, and they all moved around to different positions. Second time took longer, and I got a minor orgasm, but when they all moved around again for their third fuck, the spunk took longer to rise, and I was able to build my orgasm back to a peak. It didn’t compare with the one earlier in the night, but the lads though they were gods gift to woman hood.

They took me home, and I never saw any of them again. I never returned to take up a job at the zoo, and ever since that day I’ve never been near a zoo, and I shudder if I see any kind of ape, even on the telly.

Please drop me a line, acclaim is always preferred, but constructive criticism is also welcome. If there are any women reading this I would welcome their constructive opinion, as I’m sure they will appreciate, it is difficult for a man to describe an orgasm from a woman’s point of view, thanks for reading, Bye.

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Black Cock School For Girls

Meredith squirmed nervously in her seat listening to the older women discussing her sex life as casually as you would order a hamburger, but much to her chagrin she heard her own mother reply, "I think that's a wonderful idea, Mz. Elder, please proceed!" "Very good," Carla replied while picking up the phone and asking Jamal to come into her inner office. A second or two later a very handsome young black man dressed in a snow white terry cloth robe casually entered the room. "You called for me, ma'am?" he asked softly. "Yes, Jamal," Carla replied, "I'd like you to meet Marion Scott and her daughter, Meredith." Jamal smiled broadly at the two women while offering, "It's nice to meet you, ladies." "As you can see our young men are extremely respectful of all women," she went on easily, "and we further feel that although our young women will become incredibly addicted to these large black erections that it remains paramount that the young men don't take advantage of the situation." "My thoughts exactly," Marion replied. "And how old is Jamal?" "Let me see," Carla replied while picking up his file, "ahhhhhh here it is, he's twenty years old, only two years older than Meredith." "Now, let's get down to brass tacks," the headmistress said evenly, "all right, young man, please expose yourself to Meredith and her mother." With a small smile still covering his face the young man slowly untied his cloth belt, and then with a flair for the dramatic let them wait for a moment before letting his robe fall open." "M-my god!!!" Marion gasped. "H-he's huge, I just can't believe it's real!!!"

While Meredith wasn't by any means a virgin, her tummy did a quick flip flop as she stared wide eyed at the massive coal black penis that hung low from Jamal's groin! "Does this meet with your satisfaction?" Carla asked rhetorically all the while knowing that Marion Scott was more than pleased with what she was witnessing. "It's just wonderful!" Marion gushed. "I knew you'd be pleased," Carla Elder replied softly. "Okay, Jamal, allow Meredith to taste your organ." Covering the six feet between them with two steps, Jamal let his monster pecker hang within inches of the stunned young woman's face! Her heart was beating a mile a minute, but like a magnet is attracted to cheap metal she gingerly opened her mouth and let the fat smooth head inside. "H-how does it taste, dear?!?" Marion asked unevenly. With her mouth so full of thick black dick all her daughter managed to do was hum, "Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!"

"As you can see," Carla observed, "our young men have incredible control over their organs." "Not many men could control themselves with such a pretty young woman sucking their erection!" Just watching her daughter fellating the black stud was more than poor Marion Scott could take, so without even thinking she shoved her hand up her skirt and began wantonly masturbating her now drooling pussy! "God that looks good!" Marion moaned while wildly fingering her hot clit. "Would you like to see Jamal fuck her?" Carla asked softly. "Oh yesssssssssssssss!!" Marion hissed. "M-make him fuck her!!!" Jamal looked over at the headmistress, and after receiving only a slight nod of her head, he gently pulled his prick from the hungry young mouth while pulling her to her feet. With her eyes locked on the young stud's pecker, Marion Scott watched in stunned awe while Jamal quickly ripped off her daughter's panties before shoving her face first onto the large desk as he lined up his huge hammer with her now bulging little hair pie! Meredith groaned loudly while the young stud ran his black pecker head up and down the length of her sopping wet slit. And while Marion masturbated like a wild monkey, he slowly impaled the white assed little cunt with his ten inches of hard black cock meat!

As each inch disappeared inside of her Meredith's groan turned into a loud scream as her poor little pussy convulsed wildly around the invading marauder! "S-she's coming all over the place!" Marion Scott moaned. "Just look at her little hair pie, it's getting the fucking of its life!!!" "And that's just the beginning," Carla said softly, "for the next nine months she'll get it at least twice a day just like this." "He's so fucking huge!!!" Marion gushed. "He'll rip her apart!!!" "D-does it hurt, dear?!?" she gasped. "Ohhhhhhhh, noooooooo!!!" Meredith moaned. "I feel so full, I just can't explain it!!!" Just when poor Marion thought she couldn't stand it another second Carla Elder offered, "Try this, Mrs. Scott, "it's an exact duplicate of Jamal's erect penis!" Marion turned her gaze to the headmistress only to find that she had handed her a huge black dildo that exactly replicated Jamal's monster pecker! With a shaking hand she picked it up and slipped it into her mouth, savoring it's thickness and length. When she was sure that it was wet and lubricated she shoved down her panties, and without a moment's hesitation shoved it balls deep into her hairy cunt! Marion's guttural moan caused Meredith to look over her should just in time to see the ten inches of thick latex to bury itself deep in her mother's hot pussy! "Oh god!!!" Meredith gasped while staring at her mother pounding the black dildo in and out of her cunt with brutal ferocity. "M-mother," she moaned, "we're both getting fucked so fucking hard!!!" Even the headmistress was being swept away in the excitement of it all, and after pressing her intercom her secretary appeared at her desk and dropped to her knees and began sucking her boss's smoothly shaved vagina!

Being the only male in a room full of hot pussied women was finally more than poor Jamal could take, and even though he was trained in the art of restraint his pecker finally betrayed him as it pulsated out of control inside of Meredith's cute little blonde haired pussy! "I-I'm sorry, ma'am!" he groaned loudly. "I just can't hold it another second, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, there it goes, I'm fucking cumming!!!" Seeing the young buck lurching in and out of poor little Meredith's helpless pussy was more than the Marion or Carla could take as they both watched in wide eyed wonder as Meredith arched her back while an orgasm of incredible dimensions slammed into her pussy like a jack hammer! Carla rammed the thick dildo harder and harder until her own organ wrenched hard in a brutally violent orgasm, while at the same time Carla Elder grabbed her secretary by the back of the head as she rode her mouth to a stunning cum of her own!!!

After it was over a very satisfied Meredith carefully cleaned Jamal's now limp pecker with her warm mouth while Carla and Marion put themselves back together. "So," a now composed Carla offered, "that is how we do business at the Black Cock School for Girls!"


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