Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A New Life - chapter 1

Chapter 1 (Saturday)

There appeared a smile on Sarah's face. She was going to meet the man of her dreams!! ... TONIGHT!!
How cliché this may seem,? Sarah's life is everything but cliché.. and it is going to be even more strange.. and exciting!

He had told her to wear her black dress. It's a short Summer dress, with ultra-thin straps and a low back. She felt so sexy in that dress! She was going to wear? a small lace thong underneath. She quickly took a shower and shaved her pussy nice and clean. She did not know what was going to happen tonight, but she wanted to be prepared.

They had spoken to each other online and on the phone for almost half a year now. It was about time that they were going to meet in real life!? Victor really was an amazing guy! He had very? remarkable thoughts. He believed in the dominance and superiority of men and that women were merely here to give men pleasure. He saw women as toys and often referred to his "girlfriends" as toys or pets. Needless to say he was not a monogamous man, on the contrary, most of the time he was involved with at least 3 women. His relationships usually didn't last long: either he got bored of the girl at hand or she couldn't take his? obscene way of life. But Sarah was confident. She was no ordinary girl; she had always been very different? from her friends. If everything went well tonight, she was going to spend a whole week at Victor's house. In that week he was going to test her to see whether she was worthy of being his and strong enough to take his treatment. Victor was searching for a young girl, willing to completely submit to him. His normal toys still had too much of an own mind, according to him. He wanted a real slave who would immediately? do everything he wanted without hesitating or complaining.

Sarah was a 24-year-old student. Still young and naive, but Victor knew there was something special about her. He had met many submissive women, but Sarah's thoughts about submission were amazingly similar to his. He had good hopes to have found the girl he had wanted for a long time. Playing with his toys was nice, but he always needed to restrain himself from going all the way. Sarah could be the ultimate slave! And she was pretty too! He had seen pictures of her and they had played a little in front of the webcam. She was a small girl, with a nice round ass and? beautiful breasts. Her long black hair reached almost 'till her belly button and? she had a sweet face with big brown eyes.

The meeting would take place in a restaurant in town. Victor had been there many times before, he liked the privacy of the tables in the corner in the back. Sarah was 15 minutes early. She was very nervous, desperate to make a good impression. Victor was, typically, almost 15 minutes late. Not that he wasn't as interested as she was, but it was a first test: he wanted to see whether she would complain about him being late. She didn't. She didn't even show a hint of any annoyance or disappointment. She welcomed him enthousiastic, with a kiss on each cheek and a broad smile on her angelic face. Victor was pleased to see her wearing the dress he had picked out. He had seen pictures of her wearing it and knew she looked stunning in it. But he was no man of giving compliments.
Sarah's cheeks had turned a bright red colour, partly because of nervousness, partly because of excitement. Victor was a big, strong man, much taller than she was. She had to stand on her toes to give him a kiss while he was bending down a little. He was also much older,? 48 years old to be exact, but Sarah had always felt attracted to older men.? She also felt more respect for older men. And despite his age, Victor was still very attractive. So far none of the two felt any disappointment.
The evening started out normal: just some chatting and eating to break the ice. The later it got, the more they started talking about the upcoming week. Sarah had a week off from uni and they both liked the idea of her staying with him. Victor made it very clear though that it would not be an easy week. If she decided to come home with him tonight, she would give all control out of hands. The only thing she would have any control over was leaving, since he would not want to keep her there against her will. Everything else would go exactly the way he wanted, without any regard to her thoughts or feelings about the matter. He saw women as inferior objects that he could use in every way he seemed fit. He also made it very clear that he did not use safety words: his toys are not allowed to say no. Although he gave her his word that he was not some kind of sick maniac and he would never hurt her too much that it would cause serious injury or leave permanent marks. He liked to hurt his girls every now and then but he was very careful not to break his toys. He also lent his toys to his friends or let them play with them at his parties and he would not accept being embarrassed by not obeying brats. He mentioned the few women that had tried to pass his one-week test had only lasted up to 3 days. They had talked about all of this online several times and Sarah had always thought this was what she wanted from a man. She wanted to worhip a man, obey him at all times, receive punishment whenever he seemed fit, serve him 24/7 and? be used by him as the little slut that she was.

The restaurant was starting to clear out since it was getting close to closing time. Sarah had to make up her mind about whether she would go home with him or not. Victor decided to take the next step and whispered in her ear: "Remove your panties and hand them to me." Sarah started to blush even more, but did as she was told. She quietly slid her hands underneath the tafel, under her dress and then quickly lifted up her ass from the chair. She knew the waiters could see her so she tried to do it as discrete as possible. She fumbled the thong in her hand and reached over the table to give it to him. He smiled when he saw what she? had been? wearing but also because the thought of her wearing nothing but that tiny dress really turned him on. He reached forward under the table to feel her bare cunt, pressing his finger hard exactly on her clit. She gasped and immediately sat up straight, which pulled her dress even tighter over her tits. Victor saw her nipples hardening and he himself started to get more aroused too. "Shall we continue our play at home, or..?" She eagerly nodded while? answering? "yes please". Victor payed the bill and led her to his car. Usually his pets weren't allowed to sit in the frontseat of the car, but he would make an exception tonight. He wanted Sarah to play with herself in the car; touch her nipples, tease her clit, to make sure she would be as horny as hell when they got home. Sarah liked to play. The nervousness from earlier this evening was gone, all that was left was an immense hunger for sex!
It was dark outside and there were hardly any other cars on the roads. Sarah removed the straps from her shoulders and pulled her dress down over her breasts. She carassed them while squeezing her nipples and making moaning sounds. Her dress still covered her cunt and she brought one hand down to finger her pussy which was quickly getting wetter. She noticed Victor was getting aroused by her performance too because his pants was getting very tight around his crotch. He suddenly stopped by the side of the road and said "Ok, I can't wait any longer" while unbuttoning his pants. His rock hard? cock escaped from his pants and he grabbed Sarahs hair to push her mouth into place. Sarah eagerly started licking and sucking, moaning loudly when he squeezed her right nipple hard. She tried to get his penis inside of her mouth as deep as possible, but she was unable to? swallow it whole. She covered the remaining part with her left hand, using her right to play with his balls. He still held her hair firmly in one hand, while squeezing her nipple with the other. Every now and then he released her nipple to try and reach her wet cunt. He managed to get a finger inside, but went back to feeling her breasts again. Sarah desperately wanted to make him cum, proving that she had done a good job. But she also wanted to be fucked by him. She hoped he would have enough energy left to rock her world that night! At the time of his orgasm Victor held down her head with both hands, forcing her to swallow it all. When he released her she still sucked and licked the last drops off his cock. He looked at her very pleased. "Good girl" he said while he caressed the hair out of her face. She wanted to put the top of her dress over her shoulders again, but he stopped her saying "No, leave it down.. I like it that way". She giggled a little and remained topless. "In fact.. take it all off", he ordered. She did and sat totally nude beside him in his car. She had never been nude in a car before and she felt excited by it. They quietly drove home, it was only about 5 more minutes 'till they reached his house. He parked in front of the house and made her walk to the front door totally naked, wearing nothing but her black high heels. He enjoyed watching her walk like that: totally vulnerable and so pretty. She really had a great body and so far she had been obeying him perfectly, seeming to be? very eager to please him. He had no regrets meeting her and taking her home. He made her kneel in front of the door and placed a collar around her neck. It was a big black collar with several silver rings to attach? chains to. He made her crawl inside the house and said "The fun has just begon!"

He placed Sarah in the living room. Her place would be beside the couch on the ground. He left her there for a few minutes to get the stuff that he needed. He came back with a kinky little outfit for her to wear, crotchless and showing all of her tits and ass. Only a small part under her breasts was covered by see-through lace and there were matching stockings. She loved dressing up and couldn't wait to see what other costumes he had in store for her. He also placed a slave mask on her head, showing only her big brown eyes and placing a ball in her mouth which made her unable to speak. He played with her nipples to make them nice and hard and then put nipple clamps on them. He did the same with her clit and then ordered her to sit on hands and knees. He attached chains from the clamps to her collar and pulled them tight. Every little movement she made pulled the chains and made the clamps hurt even more. He rubbed her nice round ass and ocassionally spanked it, making her moan because the movement jerked on the clamps. The pain brought tears to her eyes, but the treatment also made her cunt juices flow. When he noticed how wet she had become he opened a drawer and took out a big black dildo. He held it in front of her face to make her see how big it was and asked "Now shall we put it in my pet's cunt or her tight little ass?" Unable to answer all Sarah could do was wait. "Let's see where we can make this fit.." "He first teased her asshole with it, scaring Sarah a little since she knew it would hurt a lot if he decided to force it in there. He then slowly moved it to her cunt, pushed it inside a little and then back out.. He used her wetness to lube her asshole, but what Sarah didn't know was that he was planning on putting a smaller vibrator in there.? He slid the vibrator in her ass, startling Sarah since she hadn't expected anything in there that quick. He switched it on, sending vibrations through Sarah's body? and the clamps. He then fucked her with the big dildo, going a bit deeper with every thrust until leaving it deep inside of her pussy. He then left to the kitchen to make himself some tea. When he returned he seemed to forget all about his new toy and started watching tv. She wondered how long he would leave her like that. She enjoyed the feeling of the vibrator and dildo, but the clamps started to hurt too much. Just when she thought she couldn't take it any longer, he turned off the tv and removed the clamps, one by one. Tears ran down her face when her blood was able to stream through her tortured nipples and cunt again. He gently licked her red nipples while pulling the dildo in and out, going faster and faster. He removed the dildo and vibrator and laid her down on her back. He loved the look in her eyes, so helpless and full of questions about what would happen next. He decided to make a few photographs of her lying there, in her kinky little outfit, with bright red nipples and glistening wet cunt, still with tears in her eyes. It really turned him on and he removed her mask to be able to make a few pictures of her pretty face too. Sarah was sobbing a little, not quite sure whether she was enjoying herself or not. She realized just how dangerous this was: going home with a guy she had met online, throwing herself totally at his mercy. She had always fantasized about being used like this, even worse than this. But she now realized just how different fantasy and reality really are. She had totally lost all control and was scared about what would happen next. She knew it was going to get much worse and she wasn't too sure about what she wanted anymore.
When Victor had finished making the photographs he placed Sarah over the back of the couch. He removed his clothes and penetrated her still wet pussy. His hands reached around? to grab her tits and he fucked her hard. He squeezed her nipples, pulled her hair to make her face him then held her hips to be able to thrust harder and deeper. Sarah loved this kind of rough sex and hoped he wouldn't stop any time soon. He pulled out and then turned Sarah so that she could lie with her chest on the couch, her ass up in the air. He then tried to penetrate her asshole. Sarah had only had anal sex a few times before, so she was still very tight. After? some? painful tries he managed to get inside of her. He fucked her fast, holding her hips in his hands, spreading her ass cheeks apart. He ended with some deeper thrusts and then filled her ass with his cum. He pulled out and let himself fall on the couch, pushing her off of it. "Go and get something to clean this shit up.." he said, meaning the sperm that had dripped on the couch. All sweaty and out of breath she made her way to the kitchen, to find some tissues or a? towel or something. She quickly found the tissues and cleaned her ass, the couch and the ground. She wanted to take place beside the couch again, but he pulled her in front of him and said "Now clean this" while pushing her face in his crotch again. His cock was still pretty hard and she licked all sides and gently sucked on his dickhead. He closed his eyes and let her continue until he had enough and his cock started to get limp. "Now get me? a beer.. if you want something to drink there is a water? bottle on the table.." She went to the kitchen to get the beer and water.
When she returned Victor gave her a list of chores for the next day.? She had to get up at? 8 in the morning, take a shower and make sure she was nice and clean, dress up in a cute little maid's uniform, make breakfast, wake Victor at 10 and give him breakfast in bed, clean the living room, the bath room and the hallway.? Everything had to be ready at 12:30. Then Victor would help her get ready for the afternoon: he was inviting a few friends over to come and play..
Sarah went to her room. It was small, but it did have a bed to sleep on.. she couldn't sleep however. She was wondering about tomorrow.. and the rest of the week.. what kind of things? would Victor have in store for her? Would she be able to be the slave he desired?? ?

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